90 and Fabulous!

by Sarah

My wonderfully fabulous grandmother turned 90 in January, and we celebrated this milestone in her life by throwing her a tea party in her favorite city in the world: Charleston, South Carolina!

I love Charleston. I was born there and I live in a home that is styled in the architecture of that special city, so you know my love runs deep. The porches, the colors, the wrought iron fences…I’ve always said when I’m old and gray, if I don’t retire to Auburn, I’ll definitely be retiring to Charleston!

We rented a beach house at Folly Beach and spent the weekend surrounded by family and friends.

It was miserably cold most of the weekend, but there was some slight sunshine on the actual day of the party, and I’m so happy there was. We took several family photos, and, since it’s so rare for that many of us to be able to get together in one place, I’m glad the weather cooperated enough for us to be able to take photos.

My grandmother, who we affectionately refer to as Bebe, really seemed to enjoy her party. I know we had a great time, but the party was all for her, so it made me happy to see her happy.

Can’t wait to go back to Charleston at Thanksgiving this year! Here’s hoping the weather will be better in November!

Mardi Gras 2015

by Sarah

The month of February has been a busy one for us (thus the lack of blogging…sorry bout it). Between all our travels and me finally succumbing to the germs that have been floating around our house since Christmas, I’m just now getting back to feeling like myself.

Over the first weekend of February, we traveled down to south Alabama to hang out with some family and attend a Mardi Gras parade.

I thoroughly enjoy attending Mardi Gras parades in the Fairhope/Spanish Fort area. If you aren’t familiar with that part of Alabama, do yourself a favor and plan a visit. They have great seafood down there, and there is always something fun going on so you definitely won’t be bored!

The parade we attended this year was for the Knights of Ecor Rouge and their theme was “A Knight to Marvel.”

Caroline could not have been more excited to see all the superhero floats coming down the street!

The weather, thankfully, was clear and cool, but not freezing. In years past, we’ve been bundled up with hand warmers in our gloves and heat packs in our shoes and it still wasn’t enough! We also knew a few folks riding on the floats this year, and we managed to get some really good “loot” because of it (pro tip: make friends with someone in whatever parade you’re going to so they can throw you the “good stuff”).

We had such a great time, I wish we could have stayed longer. Maybe next year, I’ll get Neil to go to a ball with me!

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