Sarah in the Suburbs

Home Sweet Home

by Sarah

I love going back to Auburn in the fall. My college years were some of the best. I hope one day to move back to Auburn and finish out my life there. It’s really no longer the “quaint little town” it once was (I mean, it wasn’t quaint or little when I went there, but it has grown even more in the 6 years since I graduated which is amazing in and of itself), but I love it just the same.

I love taking my kids to Auburn, too. I know that I can’t really control where they end up going to college, but I hope I can influence them just a little. It is, after all, the alma mater of both parents, 1 grandparent, and 2 uncles. Surely they’ll fall in love with it the way we all did.

Toomer’s Corner. Iconic. I never thought I would see the day our beloved trees were no longer looming large over the corner, standing guard over the history and tradition the Auburn family holds so dear. It pains me to think about it too much. It’s strange and surreal every time I see the corner. One of my best friends gave me a book about Toomer’s Corner for the girls, and I still can’t read it without dissolving into a puddle. I will forever love those trees.

It was mighty chilly at this year’s Auburn/Samford game. We took the girls to homecoming last year, but it was so hot we thought surely an early November game would be better. Joke was on us when they scheduled the game for 6pm instead of 1pm like in previous years. The weird pesduo-rain didn’t help either.

Still, it never seems to matter if the weather is difficult or the traffic is crazy. Coming to Auburn feels like coming home. Every time I’m there, I always wonder why I left.

Halloween 2014

by Sarah

My kiddos had a great time at Halloween this year (really the whole month of October because I’m that awesome mom that let’s their kids wear the costume every day….not when we left the house, mind you, but I did let them wear them a lot). Our neighborhood has lots of families with young children, and it’s perfect for walking around and trick-or-treating.

There’s even a little “parade” of sorts before it all begins. We all gathered at the end of the back street of the neighborhood and kind of “paraded” down the street to the cul-de-sac. In hindsight, we probably should have split off from the huge group parading down the street so we wouldn’t overwhelm the first few houses with trick-or-treaters, but it turned out ok for this year.

We had to cut our night short because of some crazy winds and scary looking clouds, but I think the girls had enough fun without staying out late.

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