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My Sensitive Child

by Sarah

This is my sensitive child.

You can always count on her tender heart for love, affection, sympathy, and snuggles. She truly cares. Once you’re her friend, you’re her friend for life.

Being sensitive in this way does come with some challenges, however. In the last week or so, she has begun crying.

Crying. About. Everything.

“Ok, sweetie, we’ve got about 5 more minutes and then it’s time to go.” -cue the waterworks

“We’re having chicken, peas, and mashed potatoes for dinner tonight.” -weeping and gnashing of teeth

“No, you may not have candy right now. It’s 8:30 in the morning.” -instant tears

I don’t know what to do. I have tried everything. I’ve tried kindness. I’ve tried hugging. I’ve tried being stern. I’ve tried timeout. I am at my wit’s end here with what to do to make the crying reel itself back in a bit.

I have no problem with crying. She’s pretty much cried about stuff her whole life. The problem now is that she gets absolutely hysterical about everything and nothing I say or do gets her to calm down. I mean, people in public must think I am murdering her that’s how loud and ridiculous it has gotten.

Help me. Please. Do you have a sensitive child? How do you help you kids climb off the ledge when every day things make them want to jump? It has just gotten out of control, and I’d be happy to try anything at this point to reel it back in.

I don’t want her to stifle her emotion and feelings. I understand it’s disappointing to be told you can’t have candy for breakfast. I know it sucks to leave the playground when you aren’t ready. But I just cannot with the crying and wailing as if her life has ended. Any advice or prayers for my sanity would be appreciated.


2015 Golden Globes

by Sarah

It’s that time of year again, y’all! The celebs are out in force, pole dancing their way (to borrow a phrase from my fave fashion bloggers) to those coveted Oscars next month! Of course, the best part of all awards show, in my humble opinion, is that red carpet. Without further adieu, here are the best and worst from last night’s Golden Globes. Hit it!

Top 5 Worst Dressed

5. Zosia Mamet in Andrew Gn

Your hair should not be the same color as your dress should not be the same color as your skin. I cannot tell where the dress ends and you begin. A bold lip would have helped too.


4. Taryn Manning in Oscar de la Renta

God rest his soul, I don’t know that I’ve ever seen an Oscar dress this ugly. It looks like a trash bag. And that hair is unflattering too.


3. Jemima Kirke in Rosie Assoulin

Ok, wait. Did the ladies of Girls get together and decide to wear the blandest, least flattering thing possible? If so, you accomplished that feat by a mile. This is doing absolutely nothing for her. She should have come dressed like her character from the show. At least she’d be more colorful than this.


2. Kristen Wiig in a peasant-style dress

I love you, Kristen. You’re absolutely hilarious. This dress, however, is tragic. Why is everyone wearing such bland colors?? It’s also ill-fitting in the top, and her hair is a mess. Please fire your stylist and start over.


1. Melissa Carthy in a gown she custom designed herself

This is so sad to me because of love the cheekiness of it from the chest up. I don’t love any of it from the waist down. I am still waiting on you to get up with Octavia and call Tadashi Shoji, Melissa! Do it for the rest of us who long to see you in something spectacular instead of a sack!


Special Shoutout to Rosamund Pike in Vera Wang who made me say “What the…?” out loud while scrolling past her photo.

I know lady just had a baby, so kudos for being out on the red carpet so soon, but yikes.


Oof. Ok. Now we can move right along to the better half of this post.


Top 5 Best Dressed

5. Claire Danes in Valentino

I know I’ll probably have a lot of disagreement about this dress, but I loved it. It’s at the bottom of my list because it looks a skosh too big at the top, but I am living for that print. Her accessories are gorgeous and the hair is soft and pretty.


4. Lupita Nyong’o in Giambattista Valli Haute Couture

Only Lupita Nyong’o could make this dress work. I love it all, except the top part that looks like a grade school project of glued-on flowers. The color and fit, however, are perfect, and her hair and makeup game is on point. This woman is just beautiful.


3. Jessica Chastain in Atelier Versace

This is a personal best for Miss Jessica. The last time I saw this much smokin’ hotness from her was at the SAG Awards when she was nominated for “Zero Dark Thirty.” It would be ranked higher, but I feel like it’s a little expected. I hope she wows me again at this year’s SAG Awards. LOVE her hair.


2. Julianne Moore in Givenchy Haute Couture

Again, this seems like a personal best for Miss Moore. I haven’t seen her look this good in a while. She usually wears such wacky things, it’s refreshing to see refined and elegant on her. Love the colors.


1. Ellie Kemper in Naeem Khan

LOVE. Everything about this look. The dress is interesting. Her hair is beautiful. The makeup is just right. If this dress had been in a color, I think it would have elevated it to a WERQ, but, in any case, she was the best dressed of the night for me.


Special Shoutout to David Oyelowo in a sparkly blue suit for being one of last night’s best dressed men.

Love the color and the fact that it’s sparkly!


Who was on your best and worst dressed lists from last night? Did I miss anyone?

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