From a Working Mom’s Perspective

Today’s guest post is from a college friend of mine who is now a working mom with a precious little boy named William. Hope you like it!

Hi, my name is Jennifer and you can read more about me and my family over at my blog, The Yeatman’s. Today I am writing about working full time and being a full time Mommy.  Enjoy.

My plan was to graduate with my Master’s in Elementary Education, have William, and land a teaching job that fall.  It is so funny how your plans never go the way you imagined or the way you financially planned.  Needless to say I never got a teaching job that fall, but I did land a job with Compass Bank.  I enjoyed 8, almost 9, amazing months at home with my bud before I had to work full time.  I had to go back work, but what kept me home that long was a savings account and a very giving family.

We signed William up for daycare, and I had my first day of work October 24, 2011.  I will never forget the first day, the first month, or the first time I got a call that William was sick.  The entire time I was home William was never, ever sick with anything other than fussiness from shots.  It started with an ear infection, then went to bronchitis, then to an ear infection again; a viscous cycle.  This is the absolute hardest part of working.

I know that William would get sick on occasion, even being at home.  I am positive I would be involved in play dates, MDO {Sarah’s Note: MDO=Mother’s Day Out, in case you didn’t know), etc. but the difference is I would be home.  There would never be an issue with me leaving work or Rudy, my husband, having to leave work. There is never enough time for him to completely recover before he gets sick again.  It just hurts.  On the other hand, William will never be out in Kindergarten because of his “rock star” immune system.

Daycare is not bad in my eyes, but it’s also not my first choice.  My first choice would be to be home (or my husband be home) with him.  Second, would be a nanny (ha). That does put daycare at the bottom of the list, but I know he is safe and learning every day while he is in daycare.  Our daycare is great with arts and crafts, water day, etc.  I do wish I could be doing these things with him every day, but that is not our life.  Our life is 2 full time, working parents, so I take advantage of every second I have with William.

We laugh, read, dance, color, and all the stuff he does at daycare.  We just pack our weekends full of these things, and William seems to be doing great.  To be perfectly honest, he is getting the best of his Mommy because I am forced to miss him all week.  I only see him in the evenings for 2 hours tops so by the weekend I am ready to give him my full attention.  Is he a little spoiled due to me working?  Yes, he probably is, but I am sure all kids are a little spoiled.  The best part of being a working mommy is to know I am providing for William and making his life better because of it.

A huge thanks to Sarah for having me guest blog today!

No, thank you, Jennifer! Isn’t it great to hear another perspective on motherhood other than just mine? It really saddens me when we moms “compete” with each other on who is the “best” of us all. In reality, we all need to be supporting each other because we all struggle, no matter what our situation is. Thank you for sharing yours, Jennifer! Have a great day, y’all!