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4th of July, Part 1

Hey, hey people! Sorry it’s taken me so long, but I finally got around to editing some pictures from our 4th of July trip, so now I’m ready to post them! I’ve got a ton of photos (as usual), so this post will be a part 1 of 2.

We went back to Gatlinburg, Tennessee this year (where we went for the girls’ first 4th of July experience), and it was a really great trip overall. We were able to do so much more because the girls were actually interested in doing things this time (and they could also physically participate in a lot, which is really fun too).

The views from our cabin were breathtaking. It rained off and on pretty much every day while we were there, but we still managed to have a good time. We started off our first full day in the mountains by eating breakfast at our favorite place, The Log Cabin Pancake House.

Please, please go eat there if you visit Gatlinburg. Everything there is delicious. Seriously. Also, get the hot chocolate. Yes, even in the summer. It is that good. I digress. After breakfast we spent time wandering around downtown Gatlinburg, which, to my pleasant surprise, was still dressed up for the holiday.

One of Neil’s favorite places to stop in is the Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen.

Doesn’t it look yummy?? And of course, we couldn’t resist getting the girls some rock candy (and, duh, they loved it!).

Later in the day, after nap time, we headed out to The Track, which is a combination go-kart, bumper boat, mini-golf, kiddie ride extravaganza of a place. Of course, the girls loved riding the train, bumper boats, and playing mini-golf. Caroline can’t wait to be tall enough to ride/drive a go-kart (she was a little sad she wasn’t big enough this trip).  Thankfully, the rain held off long enough to make our outdoor play possible.

Check back here tomorrow for a continuation of today’s post about the rest of our trip!

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