Awaken Your Tastebuds with Dark Side Delights

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Do you have a memory of your first experience with Star Wars™? I have to honestly say that I’m not sure when my love of Star Wars™ first began. I believe I might have been at a middle school birthday slumber party when the guest of honor decided we needed to watch Return of the Jedi (which is still my favorite Star Wars™ movie to this day), but I couldn’t be sure enough to bet on it. What I can tell you is that Star Wars™ has always been part of my life. I don’t ever remember not loving Star Wars™ (having a younger brother and lots of boy friends helped with that). I definitely remember one Christmas, a long time ago, when my brother got a Star Wars™ themed Battleship game. We loved it. I’m pretty sure we played it for hours that first week after he opened it. It said great things like “Stay on target!” and “It’s a trap!” I wonder where that game is now….

Anyway, reminiscing about my first experience with Star Wars™ got me thinking about how to celebrating the upcoming new release and I couldn’t think of a better way than to create a fun snack recipe to munch on! Of course it had to be Star Wars™ themed, so while I was in Walmart last week, I just had to pick up some Star Wars™ Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal® to compliment my snack recipe. I love that there’s a fun little toy inside each cereal box. It just adds to the excitement of the “unboxing” (yes, we’re obsessed with unboxing all. the. things. in our house).Toy in Cinnamon Toast Crunch Box If you’re looking for additional ways to bring the force into your home, don’t forget to grab a box of Star Wars™ Go-Gurt® that will perfectly compliment any young Padawan’s snacking choices.General Mills Star Wars™ Breakfast Options I’m sure if you asked most Star Wars™ fans, most would say they’re fans of the “good” side or the “light” side, but I know there are those of us out there that have a thing for the “dark” side (I mean, have you seen Captain Phasma’s chrome suit and Kylo Ren’s lightsaber?!). Because of this, I felt the need to create a recipe to represent us “dark” side fans, and, thus, Dark Side Delights were born (plus dark chocolate is the bomb, yo). This recipe is so easy to make you can even get the kids involved. My girls especially enjoyed the “sprinkling” process of adding ingredients to the chocolate. The best part about this recipe is the satisfying crunch you’ll get when you break the chocolate into snack size pieces.

[yumprint-recipe id=’2′]You can find all of the excellent Star Wars™ cereals and other breakfast products at Walmart as well as the additional ingredients for this recipe.Ingredients for Dark Side DelightsGeneral Mills Cereals In-Store Photos In case you wanted to bring a snack with you to your Star Wars™ viewing, I also created this super cute Star Wars™ Snack Printable to stash in the bags after you’ve whipped up your galactic concoction.Star Wars™ Printable Snack Labels Be sure to click here to download the best quality version of this FREE printable for yourself!Star Wars Snack Bag PrintableNo mistaking who these snacks were meant for!Star Wars™ Dark Side Delights So, tell me. What was your first experience with Star Wars™? Will you be braving the fandemonium on opening night? Star Wars™: The Force Awakens is in theaters THIS FRIDAY December 18!

For more inspiring ways to awaken the force in your family, check out the General Mills Star Wars™ website here. May the Snack Be With You!

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  1. Hi Sarah – here are my Star Wars snacks. Han Solo in Catbonite peanut butter cups. Can also be made in solid chocolate or in chocolate mint!

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