Build-A-Bear Birthday

Last week I wrote about the first of two parties for my girls. This past Saturday, we had a party with their friends at the Build-A-Bear Workshop in the mall. There are two words to describe our morning last Saturday: controlled chaos.

Granted, everyone had a great time, but it was super busy and on the verge of become disaterous every 5 minutes or so. For one thing, Build-A-Bear is just a crowded, crowded store. I know it was a Saturday so that doesn’t help, but my word. How do they ever expect to have more than 10 adults in there let alone a group of children?? They should really rethink all their displays that take up so. much. room. Anyway, I digress.

The party began with a sweet girl named Shelley telling the kids which animal they could choose from (we opted for the price point that would allow the kids the choice of 3 animals and a shirt/dress for their animal to wear) and asking them what they wanted to name it. We had lots of cute names including Spiderbear (Caroline’s Spiderman bear), Barky, Floppy, Michael, and, yes, even a Mackenzie (one of their girl friends chose that name…how sweet!).

It was then time “follow the leader” to the stuffing area to put the “hearts” in the animals. There was a cute ceremony about giving your bear love by warming his heart between your hands, touch it to your head so he’ll be smart, touch it to your tummy so he’ll never be hungry, etc. The kids ate it up. It was also really sweet that my girls got one heart from each of their friends to put in their bear so it would be “extra special” for their birthday (7 hearts total!).

After they put their hearts inside, it was time to stuff, fluff, and “wash” their new loves. C & M did not like this part (the dryers were “too loud”), but most of the other kids enjoyed it.

Caroline would only brush her bear, no washing/drying with the loud dryers for her!

We ended their time in the workshop by announcing to the whole store that it was their birthday, and we all sang “Happy Birthday to You (Cha Cha Cha).” Mackenzie loved the “cha cha cha” part.

We decided when their party at the store was over, we would head to the food court to eat lunch. Pizza and cookie cake (definite crowd pleasers) were enjoyed by all, as well as a ride (or two!) on the carousel. Of course, it couldn’t all be perfect (the pizza was a little late, they spelled Mackenzie’s name wrong on the cake, we should have reserved a table earlier than we did…), but overall, it was a fun birthday.

The kids had a great time, and that’s all that really matters, right?