My Kids

Today, I wanted to write down a few of my thoughts for you. My friend, Ashley, has a blog about her family and her experiences in motherhood, and her post today really spoke to me.

Often times, I feel like being a mother is some great test that I am failing at. My home doesn’t look like a Pottery Barn magazine (confession: 85% of the time, it’s not even clean!), I certainly can’t cook like Julia Child, and I fail miserably at the kinds of amazing crafts so often displayed on Pinterest, so I must be awful, right? I mean, what self-respecting parent feeds their kids processed chicken and french fries? And what happens when your kids won’t eat that either? You’ve failed, right?


Today was a perfect example of that. We are currently waging a war on naps in the Gilliland household, and currently mommy is tied with the leader for the I-am-about-to-pull-my-hair-out-please-go-to-sleep award. This transition to one nap a day has been ROUGH to say the very least. But today something beautiful happened. My youngest, Mackenzie, actually wanted to cuddle with mommy and fall asleep while I was rocking her. If you know our family and our kids, that is a big deal. Mackenzie hasn’t wanted to be rocked for some months now, so for her to cuddle with me in that way makes my heart swell and melt all at the same time.

And that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? This whole mothering thing, I mean. Mackenzie didn’t care that I haven’t put on makeup or “real” clothes (i.e. something other than workout shorts and a t-shirt) today. She didn’t care that I can’t sing well or that I’m probably still a little sweaty from our walk outside earlier. She cared about me. She wanted me to cuddle with her so she could sleep.

Moms, isn’t that the best feeling in the world? Ashley’s post today was such a reminder of how valuable I am to my kids as their mother, and what a blessing motherhood can be, if you allow it. I think I spend too much time comparing myself to others and wishing for perfection instead of being grateful for the ketchup on the floor and the toys on the stairs. Our home is full of love and happiness, so I don’t know if there is much more you can ask for than that.

I may not be perfect, but I am certainly good enough. And my kids think so too.

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  1. “We often judge our insides by other’s outsides.” Hang in there, you are doing a wonderful job. In not too many years, none of the things you mentioned will seem significant except for the fact that your girls love you and want to be near you…even when they are screaming

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