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The children were nestled, all snug in their beds, while visions of sugary goodies danced in their heads. And I, in my pajamas and amazing bedhead hair, decided to blog on the computer instead of just sitting to stare.

Today, I am asking for your opinion on a myriad o’ topics. Oh yes. I am actually asking for your opinion. I know. I rarely do such a thing. But seeing as how I am moving into the toddler phase with my girls (what? seriously? where has the time gone?), I thought it might be ok, just this once, to see what the interwebs think. I know there are a lot more of you that read my blog than comment, so please, please, PLEASE comment this week. I am actually asking you to. For reals.

Ok, the subject matter is babies (obviously) and their ever-changing ways. The twins turned one on Monday and we saw our pediatrician on Tuesday, and it never fails that I think of a million questions for her after we leave the office. I know I could probably just call and bug the phone nurse lady, but I have found that the opinions of moms who are right “in the thick of it” as I am are typically much better at handling these questions.

First question: How did you do the whole wean them off of formula/breast/bottle feeding? My girls have been on formula from a bottle since they were about 2 months, and I’m just not sure how to pull the ol’ switcheroo to whole milk (Yuck, by the way! I drink skim, so the idea of whole milk is kinda gross). Do you mix them together? Give them formula at one feeding and milk at another? Do you switch cold turkey? We’ve got about 2 weeks worth of formula left, so we’re going to use it up (cause that stuff is expensive!), but after that I don’t know how to handle it.

Second question: What do you feed your child to eat? I feel like all I give my girls is chicken, and I don’t know what to incorporate for some variety. Also, how do you get your kid(s) to eat their veggies? Mine would rather eat 3 chicken nuggets than carrots or green beans! I’m glad they like protein so much, but I’m just at a loss. (PS They do eat granola bars, yogurt, pasta, beef, chicken, green beans, carrots, bread, mashed potatoes, cheese, etc. I was just trying to say that they really seem to prefer chicken…A LOT).

Third question: How do you know if they are eating enough? Should I make them finish all their food? Is it ok to just let them eat a few bites if they don’t seem interested? The pediatrician did stress that it is ok if they don’t eat a lot at some meals and gobble everything up at others, but I would like to hear from other moms about your experience. Also, do you have a picky eater? How do you handle her/him?

Finally, have you turned your child’s car seat around? What prompted you to do so? Does it make life easier for everyone when they ride in the car facing front? What do you think about the reports out there that you should wait until the child is 2?

Alright everyone, fire away. I’m eager to learn from you and your life experiences!


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  1. Hi Sarah,
    I was super nervous about transitioning Jackson from a sippy to a bottle; he loved his bottle so much!! I started out by switching him over to whole milk, still in the bottle. I heated it up a bit, because he seemed resistant to cold milk. He did fine with whole milk in a bottle, so I kept him on that for a month or so. Then I worked on switching the sippy to a bottle. I pretty much went cold turkey, and just started giving him the sippy with milk. I thought he’d fight me on it, but he did great. The key was definitely not giving him ice cold milk; I still have to heat it up a bit if he’s in a fussy mood. He also had some acid reflux, so I waited until he’d grown out of it until I transitioned him to the sippy 100%.
    Jackson’s an eater, so I usually have more problems thinking of a variety of foods than making him eat them. He eats lots of scrambled eggs; they have tons of protein, you can mix them with veggies, cheese, and meat, and they’re cheap. We also do lots of mashed black beans, mac-n-cheese with veggies thrown in, grilled cheese sandwiches, and quesadillas with guacamole (the kid loves avocadoes!). He also really likes creamed spinach, which is easy to chew and a breeze to make. I think my main problem is that I don’t cook a wide variety of foods for myself, and Jackson can pretty much eat anything we eat these days. Chewing gets a lot easier after those molars come in!
    I left our car seat rear-facing. My big guy is definitely over the 20 pound mark, but after hearing that most pediatricians recommend to keep them rear-facing as long as possible, I just kept him that way. He used to not like riding in the car because he couldn’t see me, but I have a mirror in front of his seat so he can look at me in the rear-view mirror, and he’s fine with it.
    I can’t believe the twins are a year old already!!! What beautiful little girls you have 🙂 Please send them love from Cousin Jackson!

  2. I don’t have kids, even though I’ve been around a lot. So this is just what makes sense to me.

    1. I’d imagine life will go easier if you do a slow introduction of whole milk rather than cold turkey.

    2. Just do what you can. As long as they do eat some something and are gaining, I would’t be too concerned. I do like the idea of giving them a little bit of a wider variety at a meal. I can see where they’d be more likely to try it. (I know I’m more likely to try a dish Anthony ordered at a restaurant than actually order it myself.)

    3. I’d probably go with the concept of leaving them rear facing until you just kind of know it’s time. IOW, base it more on them than on someone’s opinion who’s never even see your child. (They’ll be safer rear facing, but that’s only possible for so long…)

  3. With Jack I started introducing a cup of milk around 10 months. With the twins, they are still nursing and don’t really like cups and are allergic to milk so I’m waiting for now because the pediatrician has told me just to keep nursing them.

    I think it is our responsibility as parents to offer a balanced diet and the kids can pick how much of it they eat. I found with jack as a toddler, I would offer a variety of foods he could feed himself from different food groups and just place it on his tray. A few black beans, a few blueberries quartered, some shredded cheese, diced chicken, a few crackers. The more variety, the more he was likely to try stuff it seemed. But some days it felt like he lived on air, and that is okay. They make up for it later. 🙂

    I worked in a children’s hospital where I saw the effects of improperly restrained kids…and it was devastating. I kept Jack rear facing until the twins were born when he was 2y 8m old. It was no big deal. In fact, it was easier because he rarely dropped stuff! Now that he is forward facing he drops stuff on the floor all the time and gets frustrated. He actually didn’t like forward facing at first, he was much more comfortable rear facing. I have a bunch of resources if you want to know more, but rear facing is so much safer. Not really sure why anyone would be in a rush to turn their kid. It isn’t a milestone to be sought after, it is a decrease in safety. Just my $.02 of course. 🙂

  4. I turned my chillin’s to forward facing at 1, I think. You can read yourself silly with all the reports and opinions out there about that. If they weigh enough – do it! It does make it easier. I switched mine from soy formula to soy milk at 1 cold turkey. They didn’t seam to mind at all. Of course they may act different about drinking it for a few days. Some parents Mix the formula with milk…but I don’t think that is necessary. 🙂 In the next two weeks that you have of formula left, you could slowly introduce one cup of real milk per day to get them introduced to the taste until you run out of formula, then switch completely. That way they are used to the taste before you just go cold turkey on them. I can say that neither of my children have ever been real picky eaters until recently. But I do not cater to their pickiness! I will still fix their plates, and offer them what I have prepared, even if I know they are gunna say “I don’t like Green Beans”. I will also make them take at least 2-3 bites of what they don’t like. That way they are getting some of the nutrition. I think that the fact that they prefer chicken – is a good thing. Red meats aren’t that healthy for you anyways. And as long as you are giving them SOME red meats here and there, that is fine. I wouldn’t worry about them not eating enough. As long as they are gaining weight and eating most of what is on their plates, it shouldn’t be a problem. But – my son is a drinker. He likes to “fill up” on juice and then he doesn’t eat well. So I do have to be careful and watch what he eats. So I have gotten to where I will not give him a drink at the beginning of a meal. I make him EAT first, and then I will give him his juice. Or I will have control of the cup, and let him have it for a few sips during his meal. Otherwise, he would drink it all, then not want to eat his food at all. I think you are doing an awesome job!! 🙂

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