Real Talk with Real Twin Moms March Q&A

I’m very excited to be hosting this month’s “Real Talk with Real Twin Moms” post! This fun group of writers hopes our monthly series will be a great resource for parents of multiples to find help, encouragement, and real talk about what it’s like to parent twins! Our question this month is:

What’s it like to be pregnant with twins?On the 15th of every month, the Real Talk with Real Twin Moms Series brings you real answers to the questions most moms of twins have. Everything from finding out you are having twins, to delivering twins, the struggles and rewards, and even marriage after twins. We’re ready to get real about what it’s like raising twins, and hope it helps you through this adventure! Last month’s question was “What did you think the first time you heard it was twins?” and this month we are following that up with “What is it like to be pregnant with twins?”


Stacy is a lifestyle blogger and brand ambassador in Southern California who shares her experiences homeschooling her four children, raising multiples, supporting her two children living with multiple food allergies, and helping her children with special needs thrive. Somewhere between wrangling her four children (twins born in 2008, a boy in 2010 and their first girl in 2012), her dog (a reverse brindle boxer) and her husband (a red-headed Spaniard), she still finds the much-needed girl time for a glass of wine while crafting or creating a new, delicious recipe.

What’s it like to be pregnant with twins?

I love being pregnant. I am just one of those people who absolutely LOVE to be pregnant, so when I found out I was pregnant with twins I couldn’t have been happier. Our pregnancy was a relatively easy pregnancy up until the 24th week, which also happened to be Christmas Eve. That’s when we made our first dreaded trip to Labor and Delivery. I knew 24 weeks was the on the cusp of a premature babies survival, and we were so scared. Thankfully, after an overnight stay it was determined our babies would not be delivered within the next week and I was sent home on bedrest for the remainder of the pregnancy.

But, it was just two weeks later and we were back at Labor and Delivery again. This time, it was determined I would need to spend the rest of our pregnancy on bedrest in the hospital. It was not how we wanted to spend the last few weeks of our pregnancy, but it was so important to give our twins the best chance for survival. Then, at 29 weeks I went into full labor.


Lisa is a wife and mother to four, including four year old twins, a tween son, and teen daughter. Lisa began blogging almost seven years ago, and has enjoyed sharing parenting advice, easy recipes, printable scavenger hunts, and most recently, a Thirsty Thursday series and a Me Time series becomes moms need to take care of themselves in order to be great mothers.

What’s it like to be pregnant with twins?

My first two pregnancies with singletons were fantastic and I absolutely loved being pregnant. Because of that, I thought I was going to have an equally fantastic twin pregnancy. While it was amazing being pregnant with twins and feeling them both battle for space, it was quite uncomfortable.

My feet swelled to a point where walking was painful, my wrists ached from carpel tunnel, and the only place I could sort of sleep somewhat comfortable was in the living room chair. Toward the end, their positions were so low that it caused a slightly painful pressure when I walked. During the last two weeks of pregnancy with twins I came down with Influenza B and ended up in the hospital. Delivery was postponed a few days so that I could get well and they could be delivered clear of illness. And, I will leave it at that until next week!

MELISSA AT SIPPYCUPMOM.COM is where Melissa shares the adventures of raising an energetic and YouTube obsessed 8 year old son and sassy and sometimes stubborn 3.5 year old twin girls. She also love to share more about parenting, travel adventures, recipes, crafts, technology, product reviews and more!

What’s it like to be pregnant with twins?

Being pregnant with my twins was obviously so different than being pregnant with my son 4 years earlier. I felt like I was more worried during my twin pregnancy as I tried to keep track of them.

With my twin pregnancy, I had more nausea and was more tired. I had sciatica really bad with my son and you guessed it – it was worse with the twins! But having TWO babies inside me was beyond amazing. I loved feeling both of them move and it came to be that I could tell who was who in there (thanks Olivia for spending a lot of time pressing against my rib cage!).

With twins, I had a lot more doctor’s appointments than with my son since I was referred to an MFM which meant that I got to see them a lot more (I have dozens of ultrasound pictures!). I was also always measuring at least 4 weeks ahead so when I was only 32 weeks along, I looked 37 weeks and ready to pop!

It was hard being pregnant with twins – the sleepless nights, trying to get comfortable, the point where I could put on my own shoes – but I wouldn’t change one thing because it was such an amazing experience!


Kim Gillespie is a Chicago native, whose life journey has taken her from the classroom as an educator, to being a missionary and event planner to stay at home mom. Although she initially earned a degree in economics, she discovered while at Dallas Seminary that she is educator and writer at her core. She loves telling stories about life – and now pursues her love for writing as the mastermind behind Things I Thought I’d Never, an inspirational parenting lifestyle site dedicated to finding the lessons, joy, and humor found in everyday life. She recently relocated to Atlanta, GA with her husband, 6 year- old son, and 3 year old twins girls – who give her plenty of material.

What’s it like to be pregnant with twins?

I chuckle at my first thought. Before we discovered we were pregnant with twins (at 20 weeks), I told my midwife “It’s either 2 babies or an alien”.

After a challenging first few months, attributed more to moving cross country and living situations, my pregnancy with them was relatively “easy”. Yes, I was bigger and heavier (they would weigh 7lbs+ each), they moved around a lot – until they ran out of space. But, I gratefully remained mobile until they were born (some parking spots became a challenge because I grew too big to fit between cars ☺). I ate a lot, outgrew a lot of clothing, followed When You’re Expecting Twins, Triplets or Quads, by Barbara Luke (highly recommend!), had a lot of ultrasounds and stress tests -which was great, fielded curious questions about my size and pregnancy with grace and amusement, and tried to enjoy the process as much as possible.


5 years ago I had it all together. I had an adorable son, a good job, and a boyfriend who was absolutely devoted to me. I did everything right: I traveled, exercised, ate good food, went out with friends on the weekends to cool places. My world revolved around trying to be the perfect woman, and I thought I was doing a mighty fine job of it. Shortly after my husband and I were married, we started planning for a family. And that’s when it happened. Or should I say, when they happened. Because in September of 2012 our twins entered our perfect world and totally tipped it upside down.

What’s it like to be pregnant with twins?

When I think about those 7 months that I was pregnant with twins, I mostly remember my overly large belly. I didn’t put on a lot of weight anywhere else, and the girls grew straight out in front of me. My husband took great care of me and I spent a lot of time off my feet, which was awesome because my belly was SO BIG that it was hard to do anything. I couldn’t sit up straight so I had to drive in my car leaned back so far I could barely see over the steering wheel! I ate meals on a recliner in the living room because I couldn’t sit at the table. When I walked up stairs it was more like a waddle, with my knees sticking out to the sides.
In spite of those minor discomforts, carrying twins was an amazing experience. I was blessed to have had a pregnancy that was relatively complication-free. My doctor let me work until I was 35 weeks, I didn’t have to spend time on bedrest, and I didn’t have any medical issues. Sure, there were people saying, “Ya due any day or what?” from about the time I was 4 ½ months along. But in the end I got to take home two darling princesses home with me so it was totally worth it.


Sarah was born into a military family and raised all over the world, but will always call the southeastern United States home. After graduating from Auburn University with a bachelor’s degree in Apparel Merchandising, Sarah married her husband, Neil, in January of 2009, and they began to make plans to build their life together in Montgomery, Alabama. Little did they know that twins, a job change, and a move further north to Birmingham were in the not too distant future! Sarah and Neil welcomed their fraternal twin girls in February of 2011, and, just over a year later, Sarah and her family moved to Birmingham following her husband’s acceptance of a new job. With Neil’s love of the mountains and Sarah’s love of the beach, Birmingham is the perfect location for them to raise their family and be equidistant from the two places they love the most. Sarah’s blog focuses on her love of travel, parenting, with little bits of pixie dust thrown in for good measure!

What’s it like to be pregnant with twins?

Because my twin pregnancy was my first pregnancy, I had no idea what to expect. Things that are “normal” with singleton pregnancies are not always “normal” with twin pregnancies. Thankfully, I never had true morning sickness (just nausea for the first 12 weeks), but I did have some weird food aversions. I love salad (when I’m not pregnant), and I’ll never forget my sweet husband working so hard to cook a delicious steak dinner with fresh salad as a side. I made him throw it out because I could “smell” the lettuce (we didn’t throw away the steak, though). Gestational diabetes was a fun adventure to work through, but I’m grateful for what it taught me about eating and caring for my pregnant body. Toward the end of my pregnancy, moving around became a challenge. Sitting, standing, sleeping, you name it, I had to have help to do it. Carrying two babies instead of one makes for fun conversations with strangers!

Though my twin pregnancy was not easy, I wouldn’t have traded my experience for anything. I love that I can speak to other twin moms and offer them encouragement, real life advice, and laughter when they need it.


Natasha is an African-American blogger living right in the heart of Chicago, where she was born and raised. She’s currently raising four children who were born in 2000 – a boy, Nathaniel, 2008 – a girl, the ladybug , and twins (boy and girl) Lil Miss and Sir Twizzler 2010. She has been with her husband, Shomari since 1994, with one Ross and Rachel break somewhere in there.

Houseful of Nicholes came to be in 2010 when she found out that she was pregnant with twin children. She couldn’t find a place on the internet that she resonated with, as far as planning for expanding a family by two people at once, let alone one that came from the point of view of an African-American family. Since then, she’s shared their growing pains, their wins (potty training) and everything in between that it takes to be a wife, and mom of four in the city.

What’s it like to be pregnant with twins?It’s like being a pod person. Literally. I was SO excited to be carrying two babies, but I did NOT feel like my body belonged to me anymore. I was also made acutely aware that I could not move the way that I did while pregnant with a singleton. I was a slow burn so to speak. It was always interesting to see the faces of people change when I turned around to face them! With all of that being said, I kind of miss being pregnant with my “twizzlers.” Each of them had a very distinct personality while I was pregnant with them, and they are the same way walking around.

Stay tuned for the answers for next month’s question: How was your delivery with twins?