Snapshots from the Weekend

Our Easter weekend was packed! The girls participated in their first Easter Egg Hunt at our church, we had relatives come into town to spend time with us, and we stuffed our faces with so much good food after church services on Sunday, I thought I was going to go into a food coma (seriously…. So. Much. Good. Food.). Even though this was technically not the girls’ first Easter, it felt like it was because they were so teeny tiny this time last year (having only been about 6 weeks old). It’s fun to look back on these photos from the weekend and remember how much has changed in the past year.

(And yes, that is one of my Jason Wu for Target dresses! I saved it for Easter Sunday!)

Hope you had as fun an Easter weekend as we did!

On a side note, I’ve been feeling the “blogging blues” lately and have just not been inspired to write about anything besides slapping up a few pictures of my kiddos. So here’s where you can help. What would you like to see more of from me? Book reviews? Fashion segments? TV shows you should be watching? I have thought about writing a post on my favorite baby products, but I’m just not sure if that’s what y’all like to read. Let me know in the comments what you’d like to see more of from me! I need some inspiration. Ready? Go!

4 Comments on “Snapshots from the Weekend”

  1. I like everything you write. But I am a bit prejudiced that way? I think you will enjoy all the family things you share not only now but for years to come. You are compiling a digital scrapbook that we can all enjoy. Keep it up and don’t worry about bouts of “writers cramp”, just keep writing/posting.

  2. Your favorite things would be fun and you’re always so great about giving great fashion tips. I would love to see a home decor or travel blog entry! Love all you write. You make blogging look like fun!

  3. I’d love to read about baby products!! I’m a geek that way! I would also love to hear about fashion. 🙂

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