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The Great Outdoors, Gillie Style

Hello again! I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend! I know you’re like, “Sarah, it’s Tuesday. The weekend was forever ago.” Well, my weekend just ended yesterday, so sorry I’m not sorry about that.

Hubs had off yesterday for Columbus Day, so we trekked it up to Gatlinburg, Tennessee with some awesome friends of ours (shout out to the Andersons!), and hung out in a cabin for the weekend. Well, we didn’t spend the whole time in the cabin, but it rained just about the entire time we were there, so we did spend a lot of time in the cabin.

The majority of our Saturday was spent watching this atrocity unfold on an awesome movie theater-style screen. Nothing like watching your favorite team lose in GIANT format. However, this did plant a small seed of an idea in hubby’s head for future use in our permanent home, so not all is lost (we’re renters right now, fyi).

We also watched a movie (can you figure out which one?), played Cranium, took a random trip to the aquarium, and braved Clingman’s Dome for about 10 seconds because it was WAY too windy and cold.

And this picture pretty much sums up our trip.

Just kidding!

C & M were actually amazing on this trip, which gives me high hopes for our other fun adventures we have planned this year (think 8 hour car trips!).

I took this photo using the “panorama” feature on my iPhone. Pretty neat, huh?

I’m trying to spend more time “in the moment” on trips like these, thus the plethora of iPhone photos. I did bring my “nice” camera along for the trip, but I sorta forgot about it. Neil thinks it’s better that way because I usually spend too much time focusing on “documenting everything with my lens” and I forget to “document with my eyes.” How very poignant and true, honey.

I’m getting better each time I try with my iPhone, so maybe this will be the first of many trips I document solely via iPhone. Using your phone to take photos lends itself to being much easier than carrying a huge camera bag around, and with all the photo editing apps available today, I can get really cool pictures like the one below.

How do you feel about taking photos on trips? Is it something you obsess over or do you just take them as you feel like it (or not)? Do you think you take more photos with your phone or with a real camera? I’m curious to see your answers. Hope you’re having a lovely Tuesday!

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