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So I’ve had these pictures on my phone for a week, and I’ve just now gotten around to getting them off and onto the computer.

Last Friday, we went to Veteran’s Park in Alabaster (one of our faves), and there just so happened to be a firetruck parked in the parking lot. Apparently, one of the city schools was having a “fall fling” (at least that’s what their shirts said…wonder why we never got to do those growing up? I digress), and obviously you can’t have a good city school shindig without the local fire department showing up.

Fine by us. Caroline is currently obsessed with firetrucks/firemen. She can even spell “firetruck” (thank you “Barney Goes to the Firehouse” for making my kid sound like she needs to be a member of MENSA), so of course we had to get a picture near the firetruck. My child wanted to climb in the firetruck and drive it too, but thankfully the firemen were off entertaining the school children so we couldn’t get inside (we probably would have been there for hours had she been able to go inside).

I guess I ought to go ahead and confess something. I am not crafty, nor is this blog mean to be all “ooh look at me and my awesome DIY stuff!” cause it’s definitely not my thing, HOWEVER, I did have grand plans to make my children matching costumes this year so they would be doing the “cute twin thing” and I could feel all awesome and stuff because I made them. I bet you can probably guess what went down when I took the chance and asked the girls what they wanted to be for Halloween this year. Definitely not what mommy wanted and DEFINITELY not the same thing as each other. I can’t believe my 2.5 year olds are already expressing their desire to not only be different from one another, but not to wear what mommy wants them to wear. Sheesh. I thought I had about 1 more year before the conversation was going to happen but apparently not.

Anyway, so my confession is this: I bought them store bought costumes and I am not ashamed of it.

There I said it.

Whew. Feels better now that I put that out there. Some of you may already know what the girls are going to be (or can probably guess from this post), but I’d love to see what you think they are going as this year! Leave me a comment with your guess and I’ll let you know tomorrow if you are correct!

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  1. I have inside sources:
    Caroline as a Firewoman/person/fighter
    Mackenzie as Princess Sophia

    Gimme that prizey thangey

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