2013 Emmy Awards

You guys. You. Guys. Award show season has begun! Yippee! This is my favorite time of year because all the stars come out to play, and I get to sit on my couch and judge them! Woot! And let’s be honest, it’s been a little serious around here on the blog lately, so why not liven it up with some fun discussion, am I right? You all know how this works, so let’s get the judgment underway, shall we?

Always want to start with the worst first (so you won’t be depressed at the end of the post):

Top 5 Worst Dressed

5. Zosia Mamet in Honor


I really hate to say this is one of the worst, but it is. That weird neckline, leather bust thing has got to go. Replace that with something a little less complicated, and this dress would really be working for me. LOVE her hair and makeup this time, though.

4. Lena Dunham in Prada


I love Lean Dunham, but this poor gal just cannot seem to get it right on the red carpet. This print is funky, and totally up her alley, but she looks short and squat all while appearing to be 10 feet tall. There is way too much volume going on with the bottom half of this dress. Her makeup and hair are actually working for me here, so it’s a shame her dress isn’t.

3. Amanda Peet in Erdem


Girl, no.

2. Lena Headey in Alessandra Rich


AH! MY EYES, MY EYES! This is absolutely dreadful. The hair isn’t working, and is she a stripper going to a funeral in grandma’s drapes? That weird underwear thing attempting to make the dress more modest for prime-time TV is just adding to the hideousness of this ensemble. Cersei, you need to hit up Khalessi’s stylist. Pronto. 

(Honorable mention to Julianne Hough who committed the same felony as Lena in an equally hideous seafoam green version of this dress).

And the worst dressed of the 2013 Emmy Awards is….

1. Heidi Klum in Versace


Ugh. Heidi. This dress is so weird on you. Are you auditioning for Star Trek or something? I really like the color and, for once, you’re not doing that mermaid-beach-windblown hair thing, but I just cannot get behind this look for you. Do you even ask anyone before you leave the house anymore?

And now for the good part; the best dressed list! I’m so happy that there were a lot of “bests” to choose from this year. It seems like color is making a return to the red carpet, and I couldn’t be happier!

Top 5 Best Dressed

5. Kiernan Shipka in Delpozo


This girl has been on my radar for quite some time because she rarely takes a fashion misstep (and even when she does, they aren’t disastrous, so they are easily forgiven), and I think she hits the nail on the head with this look. This dress is so fun and youthful, it works perfectly for her age, but it still appears mature enough to go to an awards ceremony. Young girls, this is someone to admire if you’ve had enough of the likes of Miley Cyrus.

4. Emilia Clarke in Donna Karen Atelier


It blows my mind every time I see this chick with brunette hair (she plays an ice blonde warrior queen on the HBO series Game of Thrones), but that’s neither here nor there. This dress is stunning on her and the color is beautiful.

3. Elisabeth Moss in Andrew GN


For a girl who so often gets it wrong, she has FINALLY gotten it right. Simple and sleek is the way to go, Lizzie. Whoever helped you with this look needs a raise and some vacation because you look smokin’! Black and white is so classic, and her hair and makeup are the finishing touches to a perfect ensemble.

2. Christina Hendricks in Christian Siriano


One of my favorite Mad Men actresses wearing one of my favorite designers. For a girl with such unique features as Christina, it seems hard for her to find the right fit AND the right dress at the same time, but she definitely got it right this time. I also lurve what she is doing with her hair here. This look is the total package for me.

1. Linda Cardellini in Donna Karen Atelier


Well, I didn’t really mean to put 4 Mad Men actresses on this list, but I guess they were all just knocking it out of the park last night. I love this look because the color is so rich and works really well with her skin tone, and, even thought the geometric napkin pleats have been done a million times over on the red carpet, they are working in her favor on this dress. I usually detest mermaid or “bed head” hair, but it flows well with this gown, so I’ll give it a pass this time. You WERQ that mermaid look, girl!

So there you have it! My fashion recap of the 2013 Emmy Awards Red Carpet. Did you have any favorites that I missed? What about on the worst dressed side of things? I’d love to hear your opinions!