2017 Small Business Gift Guide

Last year, I attempted my first ever small business gift guide. I made some mistakes, discovered some awesome business, and gave away some great prizes for my lovely readers. I’m going to continue to bring this gift guide back every year that I can. I love supporting my local economy, and my friends and their families, by shopping small. 

2017 Small Business Gift Guide

This year, all of the businesses I’m featuring are different. Last year, we had some similar niches, and I was hoping to expand the field a bit with this year’s businesses. Eventually, I’ll probably end up repeating some businesses, but I’m going to do my very best to discover new ones and share them with you each holiday season. On with the show!How can you support your friends and their families? By shopping small of course! Shop small this holiday season and support local entrepreneurs and their families. It's Christmas shopping made easy!

Bon Bon Clouds

Bon Bon Clouds Founder- Small Business Gift GuideWe are Corrine & Regina, and we started BonBon Clouds earlier this year. It’s a celebration of individuality and style that inspired us to create our BonBon Clouds line, a line of girls leggings that is based in Birmingham, AL. Bon Bon Clouds Founder Small Business Gift Guide We are building the brand around the idea of comfortable, well-made, affordable garments for girls. Furthermore, our daughters have a hand in product development and test all of our styles and approve our prints. If it doesn’t fly with them, it’s back to the drawing board. We are producing the kind of clothes that would meet the approval of both kids and parents. Our size range is from 12 months to 12 years. We only use exceptionally soft fabrics, and all of our pieces are completely tag free. Each garment is embroidered with our signature bonbon. The floral, whimsical, fun prints will foster imagination and individuality.

Ashley B. for Rodan + Fields

My name is Ashley Brown, and I market the #1 skin care brand in the U.S., Rodan+Fields! I’m married to my college sweetheart (War Eagle!) and we have two young boys, Brooks (6) and Bentley (2).Ashley Brown Rodan and Fields- Small Business gift guide I started this business in May of 2017 as a way to pay down debt and have extra money to travel with our boys. I decided on R+F because I love the skincare and the results it brings me and my customers. They even have a 60 day money back guarantee if you don’t love it, and you can’t get that kind of service anywhere else.

Erin P. for Beachbody

I became a coach because I loved the company & products! My job is to help others make a plan to reach their health & fitness goals as well as facilitate a way to incorporate healthy family dining in their homes. I was struggling with the guilt of staying home and not being able to contribute to my family financially.Erin for Beachbody- Small Business gift guide All my earnings go towards normal bills and Target! I have fallen in love with the “momprenuer” spirit and also have found a new confidence running my own business while being able to also support all the at home needs of my family. I also needed to be held accountable to lose the baby weight the right way! Helping kids learn is one of my favorite things, so I see this as a way to help moms learn to take care of themselves and, in turn, do a better job taking care of their families.

Ashley C. for Posh

I joined Posh in August 2017 because I had finally found a line of pampering products that helped me take care of myself–and enjoy it. If that sounds strange, let me explain. Over the past few years, self-care has become an important part of my life. But even as I was learning to take time out for me, I still found it difficult to incorporate certain basic self-care tasks into my daily routine. Part of this attitude came from my adolescent experiences with skin care. I never developed a regular skincare routine, even though my skin desperately needed it.Ashley for Posh- Small Buisness Gift Guide

Fast forward to Summer 2017, when I stumbled upon a friend’s Facebook Live feed demonstrating a Perfectly Posh face mask (FYI, it was Cackle Spackle, still one of my absolute faves!). I made some curious comments, and Robyn sent me a whole packet of samples to try! From that sample packet grew a skin care routine that truly felt like indulgent self-care. Washing my face and applying product was no longer a chore; now it was a twice-a-day treat! Posh makes my skin feel good, and it smells great to boot!

Randi for Matilda Jane

I am the mom of twin girls who are 9 and a little guy who is 6. I have been married to my amazingly supportive hubby (because it takes his help to run my business too) for 10 years.Randi for Matilda Jane- Small Business Gift Guide The real draw for me to become a Matilda Jane trunk keeper was the company’s desire to “keep little girls little.” I love watching a little girl put on a piece from my trunk and immediately spin- I call it the twirl meter. When girls, no matter what age, spin, they instantly become little in their mom’s eyes! This happens to me every time one of my twin girls puts on a piece of Matilda Jane and “twirls.” What keeps me loving Matilda Jane is their range of choices. They provide clothing choices for girls as young as 3 months up to too old to admit their age. They also celebrate women in all shapes and sizes, and they should be able to find clothing that fits their needs.

Original B’Ham

 Original B’ham started in 2013 when Jason Johnson created a bumper sticker to celebrate Birmingham, Alabama. Coupled with the city’s ongoing revitalization, his unique logo quickly became a popular way for locals to express pride in their city. The success of the bumper sticker led to the development of a wide variety of apparel and other merchandise with local, Birmingham themes.Original Bham- Small Business gift guideJason and his wife Andee with their four children own and operate Original B’ham through online sales, participation in local farmers markets and through retail partners throughout the Birmingham area. Original B’ham believes in the old saying, “There ain’t no ham like Birmingham!”

You can learn more by visiting originalbham.com or following them on Instagram or Twitter.


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