Easy Spring Cleaning Kitchen Hacks

Cleaning the house, especially the kitchen, is all too often a seemingly insurmountable task left to one lowly individual to tackle alone. Some nights, it’s not too bad. Other nights, by the time I’m done, I’ve been overcome by a slightly murderous rage at the sheer amount of “stuff” I had to clean up. It’s ridiculous.

Spring Cleaning Kitchen Hacks

If you, too, are a victim of the torture of the kitchen clean up, I have gathered together my best tips and tricks to help your cleaning routine go a little faster.

Always Scrape Off Excess Food

Yes, most modern kitchens have garbage disposals nowadays, but do you really want to keep smelling those onions every time you turn it on? I didn’t think so. Spring cleaning kitchen hacks are made easier with a dishwasher.Scraping off food into the trash helps minimize the need to rinse off dishes before you can move them to the dishwasher. Bonus: kids can help you do this part! Yay! Less work for mom!

Don’t Overload the Sink

This one may seem a little silly, but hear me out (make sure you start with an empty sink to use this hack effectively). Plug up your sink with your drain plug, fill it with hot water and dish soap, deposit your dirty dishes, then walk away. Kitchen Hack #1-Don't Start with a Sink Full of Dirty Dishes.That’s right. You heard me. Walk away from the sink for a bit. Whenever you go back to the sink, all you’ll have to do is rinse of the soap and deposit the dishes in the dishwasher. Kids can also help with this one. Winning.

Hot Water vs. Cold Water

Hot water is good for killing germs and cleaning, right? Well yes, but don’t use hot water to clean off dairy and starchy substances. Know When to Use Hot and When to Use ColdHot water will make those products “gum up” on your dishes and make you spend even more time scraping and clawing to get them off. A cold water soak on an oatmeal or yogurt rimmed bowl will make cleanup a breeze.

Use a Drying Aid in the Dishwasher

If you have young kids, my bet is that you have a lot of plastic cups, plates, and utensils in your dishwasher right now, right? Do you ever feel like they’re dry when the wash cycle is over? I am always having to dry off my girls’ cups and plates when it’s time to empty the dishwasher. What is the point of the dishwasher if I’m going to have to finish the job? Ugh. Anyway, my point is, if you’ve never tried a drying aid before, stop what you’re doing and head to the store IMMEDIATELY. A drying aid is a great spring cleaning kitchen hack that makes less work for mom!This product will help get your dishes drier in the dishwasher which means less work for you when it comes time to unload.

Use a Separate Cleaner for Countertops

I love specific products for specific tasks, but if your under sink cabinet is overflowing with products like mine is, maybe it’s time to pair down to 1 or 2 cleaning products. Why not buy one that can be used on multiple surfaces? Lysol All Purpose Cleaner is my favorite multi-use product that will save you time and money.

Don’t Underestimate Air Freshener

Don’t you love walking into a freshly cleaned kitchen? Even better when it smells clean, right? My favorite air freshener smells like a clean kitchen, not the ocean or a tropical island or some other smell that doesn’t really work in a kitchen. I love working my way through the different layers of the fragrance as it settles. Spring is just around the corner. Get your kitchen ready with these easy spring cleaning kitchen hacks that will have your space sparkling in no time. #springcleaning #kitchenhacks #cleaninghacks #spring #cleaningThese are some easy spring cleaning kitchen hacks, but I know you have more! What are some of your favorite cleaning hacks?