8 Reasons to Use a Travel Agent

8 Reasons to Use a Travel Agent

Planning vacations can be incredibly stressful. Where will you go? When will you go? How long will you stay? Where will you stay? Should you go with the kids or without? So many questions with infinitely more answers, and the variety of choices can really confound and confuse. I became a travel agent over two years ago to answer some of these very same questions for myself and for others. Whether or not you choose to use my services, I hope you will consider using a travel agent at all. Today, I’m sharing eight great reasons to use a travel agent.Have you ever used a travel agent to plan your family vacation? Why not give it a try! They're the experts who want to help you and make your vacation the best it can be. Read our 8 reasons to use a to use a travel agent, and hire one for your next trip today!

Travel is Unique

Buying travel is unlike any other marketplace experience. Travel is both a product and a service, and travel agents know how to determine the best fit for your vacation needs. 

Travel Agents are Trained

Every year, I take specialized courses that keep me up-to-date on the latest offers and features different destinations provide. I also take trips of my own to see these new products first hand. Trustworthy travel agents have been there, done that or have at least been educated about what they’re selling.Reasons to use a travel agent include customized experiences.

Travel Agents Understand Differences

What is the difference between Carnival and Royal Caribbean? How is Disney World different from Universal Studios? Does 30% off my hotel room save me more money than a $100 dining credit? Travel agents not only understand the differences between competing products, but also competing offers. 

Saving Time and Money

My hometown of Birmingham is a short drive or flight away from great family vacation spots like our beautiful Alabama beaches, fun theme parks, and family friendly cities. Travel agents can save you time and money by maximizing your budget and knowing what transportation to suggest to, from, and while you’re on vacation.Reasons to use a travel agent include taking advantage of their knowledge.

Travel Agents Advocate

As an agent, it is my responsibility to ensure my client’s vacations are smooth. Running late for a dinner reservation? I can handle that. Can’t remember a confirmation number? I’ve got all of those covered too. It is a travel agent’s job to handle as much, or as little, of your vacation as you want them to.

Expert Advice

As was mentioned above, most companies require travel agents to go through detailed training sessions or familiarization visits in order to sell a product or service. These trainings are much more detailed than what it available to the general public. It’s important for my clients to trust me, so having “been there, done that” really builds credibility.One of many reasons to use a travel agent is their expert advice.

Personal Shopping

This is my favorite part of being a travel agent. Shopping around for the best deals and building a great itinerary allows me to live vicariously through my clients, and I love it! Browsing websites on your own removes the personal aspect of buying travel. Agents want to get to know you. I love getting to know my clients and make my recommendations based on their wants and needs, not mine.

Customized Experience

No two families are like, so no two vacations will be alike. I love using my knowledge and skills to make personal recommendations for each family I help. Customization is a lot of work, and, let’s face it, is usually up to mom when it comes to planning the family vacation. Mom, hand over the reins and let someone else do the planning! Relax and enjoy your vacation for a change!Reasons to use a travel agent include they can make sense of the details.

Have you ever used a travel agent to help your family plan your vacation? If you’re interested in my services, I’d be happy to help your family!

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