A “Frozen” 3rd Birthday

Last week the twins turned 3. I know. It blows my mind too. That’s another post for another time.

We had a small little gathering of parents and grandparents (and 1 great-grand!) on their birth date (their party with their friends is this weekend).

I wanted to make them feel extra special on their birthday, so I decided to jazz up our kitchen a bit. If you have a child in the 3-10 age range, I’m sure you have first hand experience with this phenomenon called Frozen and how obsessed everyone has become with it. Well, of course, leave it to me to decide the week of their birthday to just “run to the store” and grab a few items to decorate with. Newsflash, Sarah! This crazy popular movie is crazy popular everywhere and EVERYTHING related to it is sold out in a 20 mile vicinity of your house.

No matter. Thanks to a little inspiration from another blogger, I decided I could still have my theme and just make it simpler (I mean, don’t we throw away all that stuff when it’s over anyway?).

I had some leftover streamers from who knows what (probably something from college) that just so happened to be the colors from Anna’s dress, and I was inspired to create my own snowflakes with 88 cent coffee filters (so, SO easy)!

Also, just FYI if you’re planning something Frozen of your own: as of this post today, Publix does not have the rights to anything related to it. Yet. Because of this, the sweet bakery lady offered to “spray paint” our cupcakes blue and sprinkle some “icicles” on top.

Ta da! Instant snowy cupcakes.

We ordered pizza, stuffed our faces, blew out some candles and opened some presents. It wasn’t as “Pinterest worthy” as I had desired it to be, but I did what I could with what I had. And my kids loved it anyway.

On birthday morning, Caroline came running into our room, “Mommy! Daddy! Wake up! You has to see my birthday! Come see my birthday!” (I had decorated the night before cause I’m sneaky awesome like that) It took about 2 hours to get everything up, but it was worth it just to hear her excitement.

1 party down, 1 to go. Pray for me this weekend. We are going to the mall for a Build-A-Bear party, and I’m terrified.