A Superhero-Pixie-Party-Birthday-Mashup Extravaganza!

The twins turned 4 about 2 weeks ago, but the flu hit our house pretty hard last week, so I’m just now getting to writing about their party (miraculously, by the grace of God alone, I didn’t get the flu…just the kids and Neil….thank you God!).

Can I just preface this post by saying that I really, really, really never EVER want to host a party at my home again? It’s just too much. The cleaning and the prepping and the cleaning some more…I’m just over it. I’d much rather pay someone else to do the set up and clean up for me. Anyway, I digress…

When it was decided that we would have the party at our house, Caroline wanted to have a “superhero” party and Mackenzie wanted to have a “Tinkerbell” party. What’s a mom to do when her twins want two different parties (and neither will budge for the other)? Why combine them, of course!

I was a little concerned about how we were going to put the two themes together, but after pricing and purchasing some decorations, I knew it would work out fine. Yes, nothing really “went” together, but did my girls care? Not one bit.

Their favorite part, other than having all their friends over in costume, was having their own cakes. Big shout-out to our local bakery, Edgar’s Bakery, for having the perfect seasonally decorated cakes that just so happened to fit each of my girls perfectly (not to mention how DELICIOUS the cakes tasted).

I would have to call this party a success. As much agonizing over the snacks, cakes, and decor as I did, what it really came down to was how much fun my girls had celebrating their special day. They did have a little bit of a hard time with me taking down the decorations (“Are we not four anymore mama?” “Can’t we just leave them up forever?”), but, as four year olds tend to do, they’ve already moved on to the next thing in their lives.

Happy 4th birthday girls! These past four years have been a great adventure. I can’t wait to have many more adventures with you!