Auburn University A-Day 2015

Last weekend was Auburn University’s A-Day. (If you’re unfamiliar with what that is, read my post from last year about it) It’s become an inadvertent tradition in our family to attend this spring scrimmage, and we haven’t missed one since 2010.A-Day at Auburn UniversityIt’s always exciting to be back in a town you love. If Neil and I had to choose a perfect place to retire one day, Auburn is going to be at the top of that list.The girls had a great time at the pre-game Fan Fest petting animals, catching the Bama Air Dogs show, and playing on inflatables. We must’ve worn them out because they both fell asleep on the way out of the stadium!

Because of the impending weather (which never really came to fruition) and the tired children, we skipped walking over to the downtown Auburn area, but I hear there was a great concert Saturday night! My inner 90s teenager would have been pumped to see Nelly live, but my 27-year-old-mom-of-two-self won out on the exhausted maturity front (I’m not really mature, but at some point you have to stop pretending like you’re still in college, right?).If you ever get the chance to visit the loveliest village on the plains during the spring, I highly recommend it. It’s not nearly as crowded as it is in the fall, and you might actually get to experience the town in it’s entirety, not just the stadium.