Damage Free Holiday Decorating

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We are not typically folks who start Christmas traditions right after Halloween. That’s just never been us. Growing up, my mom was very adamant that we celebrate all the seasons throughout the year, so it really offended her sensibilities to see Christmas decor popping up in stores before Halloween. I’ve got a lot of those same sentiments, and I usually stick to them, but I have to admit something this year.

I cheated.Holiday decorating can be damage free with Command Brand. I put my lights up the week after Halloween.

Granted, the lights may have been up before Thanksgiving, but we had a good reason (and we didn’t turn them on, so I really felt like it wasn’t breaking my own rule too much). With the football season taking up our weekends and planning to be out of town the entire week of Thanksgiving, I knew we had a very short window of time to decorate the outdoors. I prefer to have my decorating done by the first of December so I can enjoy it the whole month, and I knew that if I asked my husband to decorate the evening before the new month began after a long day at the office, our marriage might not survive the night.

Thankfully, we’ve been in our current home now just about 3 years, so we’ve grown accustomed to how we like it to look during the holidays. It doesn’t take too long for us to decide what to do. A unified game plan is key number 1 to saving your relationship from a holiday meltdown.

A second, but no less crucial aspect of holiday happiness is knowing exactly how to execute said holiday decorations. Neil and both agree that having an easy, damage free decorating experience is a priority for us. When we discovered Command™ Outdoor Light Clips at Walmart few years ago, we knew these were going to be our go-to products to use when hanging lights outside. There is no need for nails, and, probably best of all, if we change our mind while setting up, Command™ Outdoor Light Clips remove cleanly and easily without damaging our poor walls (they’ve suffered enough with two rambunctious 5 year olds at home)!Don't let the holidays stress you out! Follow these easy tips for a stress free holiday decorating experience. #DamageFreeHoliday #CBias ADIf you want to give these fantastic products a try, here are some things you need to know about using them:Command Brand products are great for damage free holiday decorating.Step 1: Make sure you clean the surface before applying the strip. This is very important to the strip’s ability to stick well.Damage free holidays start with a clean surface.Step 2: Remove the BLUE paper first and press firmly to the Command™ Outdoor Light Clip.Damage free holidays brought to you by Command.Step 3: Remove the BLACK (Wall Side) paper, press the sticky side down on the clean surface.Damage free holidays from Command.

pressing-firmly-on-command-stripStep 4: Wait 1 hour before attaching the lights (or wreath if you’re using Command™ Brand hooks on your door/window). This may seem like overkill, but, trust me, it’s not. The longer you wait, the better the bond is formed between the strip and the surface, and the less likely all your hard work hanging lights is going to fall down the next day.Damage free holidays from mare perfect for hanging lights outdoors. Ta-da!Lights are hung and no walls were damaged! Look’s pretty good, doesn’t it? I’m impressed, if I do say so myself. In-store photo for a damage free holiday.Next time you’re in Walmart picking up the essentials, don’t forget to grab your Command™ Brand products for all your decorating needs, indoors and out! Need a little inspiration to get yourself started? Check out some of my fellow bloggers sharing their best tips for using Command™ Brand products in their homes! Happy decorating! 

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