Disneybounding: Nemo & Dory

I’ve written here before about how fashion and Disney can go hand in hand, but I don’t think I’ve ever broached the subject of Disneybounding.

Yes, you read that correctly. Disneybound is an actual term. What exactly does it mean to “Disneybound” you ask? Well, Disneybounding is creating looks, outside of cosplay and costuming, with your own wardrobe (or something you thrifted or bought) to create a look that represents your favorite Disney character. This idea was created a few years ago by a creative, funky soul named Leslie Kay. Check out her site if you want to know more of her story!

It’s so easy, anyone can do it (seriously, not just using that as a cheesy catchphrase). What I love about creating Disneybound looks is that I don’t have to purchase expensive pieces to make it happen. 

Disneybound ExamplesAnger DisneyboundThis Anger from “Inside Out” Disneybound is just khakis and a white shirt with some red accessories. Not too difficult, right?Kevin the Bird Disneybound

Check out this beautiful Kevin the Bird Disneybound (remember him from “Up”)! I love that you can Disneybound with whatever you have on hand, even if all you have is your swimsuit and coverup!Moana DisneyboundMoana is Disney’s newest princess, so we don’t have too many outfits of hers to go off of yet, but these colors are beautiful together!

Think Basic and Simple

Sometimes, I wind up doing an unintentional Disneybound like I did 2 years ago on our family vacation to Walt Disney World.Ariel DisneyboundCan you figure out who I was? I had a lot of fun with this look! It’s easy to be completely unintentional with a Disneybound if you’ve got a lot of solid colors in your wardrobe like I do (maybe that’s the universe hinting to me that I need to add some patterns)!

Showing Your Disney Love at Home

Today I want to celebrate the opening of “Finding Dory” with my Disneybound look. I was inspired by two of the main characters, Nemo and Dory, and chose to stick to their main colors when deciding where to go with my look.Finding Nemo DisneyboundNemo’s main colors are orange and white, with a little bit of black thrown in there as an accent. I was fortunate enough to have an orange and white striped shirt already in my closet, but you could easily pull in white or orange by accessorizing a headband or necklace if you don’t have a striped shirt. Black shorts and gold sandals pull this whole look together.Nemo DisneyboundShirt: Old Navy

Shorts: Belk

Sandals: Target

Headband: Target

For Dory, her iconic colors are obviously blue and yellow, and I knew just what to pull out of the closet to bring this look together.Disneybound DoryBlue and yellow aren’t normally colors I pair together in my wardrobe, but now that I’m seeing these photos, I can see why they work well together. Also, I love me a good cardigan in a bright color. They are so versatile all throughout the year.Dory DisneyboundTank: Old Navy

Cardigan: Target

Shorts: Belk

Wedges: TargetNemo and Dory DisneyboundWhen you’re ready to start your own Disneybounding experience, check your closet before you run out to make any purchases! You might be just like me and be surprised at what you can pull together with what you already have. If you’re already into Disneybounding, I’d love to see some of your looks! Facebook me, tweet me, or tag me in your Instagram posts!

“Finding Dory” swims into theaters June 17!

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