Downton Abbey, Season 4

I know I’ve posted about some of my favorite TV shows here before, but I’m really, really excited about the premiere of this show. Of course, I’ll have to find a way to view it online since it’s not airing in the US until freaking JANUARY again, but that’s PBS’ problem, not mine (seriously, PBS, get your act together). Anyway, here’s a look at the trailer for Downton Abbey’s 4th season.

A few questions come to my mind:

What is with all the crying? And for that matter, what’s with everyone kissing?

What on earth is that chat about at the beginning with the Dowager Countess and Lady Mary? Stop making me depressed before I even see the first episode please!

What’s going on with Branson? He looks like he’s pining for someone (Maybe Lady Mary? Come on, you know you want that to happen too!).

Also, while I love Carson and Daisy and Mrs. Patmore, where is O’Brien??

Are you stoked for the 4th season like I am? Anyone else like me refusing to wait until January to see what the Brits are going to see in about 2 weeks?


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  1. Hey yes, I agree with jeannie… I knew obrien was leaving. It looks intriguing, depressing, happy, and it’s going to be so difficult to wait. I hate waiting!

  2. Sarah, just so you know: Siobhan Finneran (O’Brien) has left the show, at least temporarily. Best guess is she decamped to India with Susan and Shrimpie, following her expressed desire for travel in the Highlands episode (plus the fact that too many people at Downton now know her secret about “Her Ladyship’s soap”, and Thomas clearly is no longer available to be her partner in conniving).

    I was heartbroken to learn she was leaving (Sybil and Matthew were hard enough to deal with) because she is an amazing actress and a wonderfully complex, devious, yet not entirely heartless character. But with O’Brien’s nephew still a footman at DA, no doubt we’ll have news of her from time to time, and perhaps she’ll return to the show at some point in the future.

    1. Thanks for the information Jeannie! Mind if I ask where you got your info? I was unaware she left the show (even if it’s temporary) 🙁

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