Easter 2014

Easter weekend 2014 was a fun one. We spent Saturday in Auburn, and we spent Sunday in Montgomery. It’s always nice to go back to our former church home in Montgomery and see friends and their kiddos. I can’t believe everyone is growing up so fast! A few of the kiddos will be starting school next fall….that is pure craziness.

Anyway, I missed out on the group photo from last year, but I was determined to make it this year!

I can’t believe how many kids we all have (and 2 of the moms, 1 who isn’t in the picture this year, are waiting on their 3rd to arrive!). Everyone keeps asking me when I’m going to have more, and I just smile and laugh. I’ll let you figure out if the mom who had 2 kids at the same time is interested in having more.

After church services, we went back to my parent’s house and had a mini-photo session.

As usual, the girls were d-o-n-e after the first photo, so you can see how we’re having to cling to them in some of the photos to keep them from running away (and, of course, the infamous tongue had to make its appearance too because why not).

Thankfully, we got some decent shots, and then it was time to eat lunch and enjoy each other’s company before we had to head back to Birmingham. Maybe after we move into our new house, we’ll get to have everyone over to our place for Easter (and definitely some other holidays too!). Have a great weekend!