Easy Fall Style Ideas


I think it’s about time I resurrected my series from a bygone era called “What I Wore Wednesday.” If you weren’t a reader back then, check out some previous segments here and here. I love fashion and assembling outfits, and I know this is an area that many women struggle with, so I want to bring it back and have some fun with it (any maybe inspire some of you too)! You won’t find any magic formulas or expensive outfits in these posts. In fact, since bringing children into the world, I don’t have time (or funds) for too much of that nonsense. Occasionally, you might find me wearing a splurge item, but that won’t be the norm. I aim to keep it real around here. Ralph Lauren Sweater

Easy Fall Style Ideas

So, back to the outfit at hand. I wore this on Thanksgiving Day, and I immediately regretted the sweater. Of course it was going to be sunny and 75 degrees in south Alabama on Thanksgiving Day! How silly of me for thinking I could wear something seasonally appropriate. Luckily, my button-down shirt underneath was still “fall-ish” and cool, so I managed to get away with it. And, yes, the boots stayed on because my feet are always cold.Fall Style

Shirt: Target

Sweater: Ralph Lauren

Jeans: JCPenney

Boots: Liz Claiborne for JCPenney

Boots from JC Penny

Thanksgiving StyleWhat inspires your style? Are there any areas you feel like you could use some help with?Fall fashion doesn't have to break the bank. Try my easy fall fashion ideas and get your wardrobe together in a flash!I’d love to hear from you! If you have any outfit ideas you want to share, let’s chat on social media by using the hashtag #SITSFallStyle!