Family Fun Review: Let’s Play Birmingham

As a mother of two kids under 5, I am constantly looking for fun, new ways to entertain my kids. Living in the south, while having lots of great perks, can make outdoor summer play a struggle. It is just so. dang. hot. Thankfully we have a lot of great places too cool off like the McWane Science Center and the splash pad at the Birmingham Zoo, but now I can add another spot to our list: Let’s Play Birmingham.IMG_1670

Located right off of highway 280 in the old Party City building (next to PetSmart and TJMaxx), Let’s Play Birmingham is a fun, interactive, indoor children’s play center. Everything in the play center is soft, including the floor, so you don’t have to worry about little ones falling and scraping their knee or busting their chins (we’re experts in chin busting at this house). The smaller area at the front of the play center is meant for smaller children (less than 4 feet tall), and it is full of bright colors and hands-on activities like building blocks and a ball pit.IMG_1669

IMG_1666However, lest you think Let’s Play Birmingham is only for the under 5 crowd, your older children will be thoroughly entertained by the giant inflatable slide, a lengthy maze of tunnels and climbing structures, and 2 challenging ropes courses with varying difficulties for 3-5 year olds as well as 7-12 year olds.




IMG_1667My girls and their friends had a blast playing in all of the areas of Let’s Play Birmingham. The facility is brand new, and it seems to be well staffed and organized to keep children safe while still having fun. I foresee us having, or at least attending, a birthday party there in the near future!IMG_1659

IMG_1663One drawback to this new play center is the cost. It’s $10+tax per child (ages 3-12) or $6+tax per child (ages 2 and under; adults are not charged admission) for each visit. The positive side to charging that price is that you have unlimited play for their entire business day. The morning we went, we came home, ate lunch, and went back over in the late afternoon. It truly gave us something to do all day, and it was convenient for us because we live nearby.IMG_1665

IMG_1664They are running a “special” right now through July 31 that includes a 10 visit pass for $75 (ages 3-12) or $40 (ages 2 and under) which saves you about $10 in total. This is not a great deal to me. Our family has a 2 adult, 2 child family membership to the McWane Science Center that allows us unlimited visits for a YEAR for $85. I just can’t see myself forking over $150 so my kids can visit this play center 10 times. Maybe after they’ve been in business a while they will offer a better deal for people who want to visit frequently. IMG_1662Let’s Play Birmingham is a great space to visit if you’re looking for something new to try in the Birmingham area. Be sure everyone in your party has a pair of socks to wear! It is a “no shoes” facility, and they mean it. If you don’t have socks, or live nearby to go home and get them, you’ll have to buy yourself some socks while you are there. They do offer drinks and snacks, but if you’re looking for lunch, you’ll have to venture out to get a full meal.

Have you been to Let’s Play Birmingham yet? What did you think of it?

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  1. Wow!!! I didn’t even know this was on the radar and I live less that 4 miles away! My two bigs are in camp next week….may be a really good opportunity for my preschooler and I to get out alone.

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