Gentille Alouette: Chic Clothes for Children

As a mom of two girls, I can’t help but want to dress my children in the classic “southern way” for all of our special occasions. What is the “southern way” you ask? It typically begins with a smocked or embroidered dress (because we need our initials on all. the. things. here in the south), then moves to the perfect pair of SunSans or Mary Janes, and ends with a giant bow placed strategically atop the head as the finishing touch. When the girls were small, I could get away with all the accoutrements that come with being a “southern” mommy, but now that we are 4 and 1/2 (the 1/2 is very important), it’s getting harder and harder for me to convince them to wear what I want them to wear.Shop Gentille AlouetteEnter a brand new children’s clothing line that recently launched right here in Birmingham. Aptly named “Gentille Alouette,” this brand focuses on merging classic and modern styles for a chic, comfortable, and sophisticated option for children’s clothes. I absolutely lurve everything about this brand. Gentille Alouette Caitlyn

Close-Up of CaitylnNot only do I feel good about supporting this brand because it is a local business, but the quality of their clothes is outstanding. Everything is machine washable! Yes, you read that right. Machine. Washable. As in, you don’t have to dry clean it! Wahoo! The girls definitely aren’t as messy as the used to be, but it’s still comforting to know that should we get ketchup on our beautiful dresses I’ll be able to get the stain out.Gentille Alouette Savannah Wildflowers

Gentille Alouette Savannah Wildflowers

Close-Up of Savannah WildflowersAnother element I love about Gentille Alouette is their commitment to timeless styles. Yes, it is fun to be trendy, but I truly believe these dresses are something my grandchildren could wear in the future without looking “so 2015.” When properly cared for, these clothes will last not only because of their style, but because of the quality as well.

Head on over to Gentille Alouette’s website and tell me which style is your favorite! I can’t wait for their winter collection to be released soon!

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  1. So you’ll be able to past down a dress or two in the event my next child is a female. *wink* *wink*

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