Go Bold for the Big Game

Is your family into football? If you’re from the south, that’s probably a silly question. The real question down here is: Auburn or Alabama? This Sunday, however, many folks in other parts of the US (and some here in the south) will be asking: which team are you rooting fot?

While we aren’t huge NFL fans here (no pro sports in my home state of Alabama), we have been keeping up this season because, I mean, who hasn’t been? It’s been a great year for football. I want to see these teams take it all the way!

Go Bold for the Big Game

What should every great game watching party have? Great food, of course!Gameday Bold Buffalo Dip Recipe

Spicy Buffalo Dip

One of the reasons I love about being part of the Chick-fil-A Moms team is the opportunity to experience the new and exciting things Chick-fil-A has to offer. One of those opportunities came in the form of their new Chilled Nugget Trays. So what exactly is a Chilled Nugget tray? Well, you purchase the tray ahead of time and heat it up later at your convenience. Unlike their traditional catering trays, this tray can be refrigerated and used the next day because it’s already been chilled for you! This is perfect for Sunday’s big game because guess who isn’t open on Sunday? Chick-fil-A!Buffalo Dip for Chicken or Veggies Do you ever find yourself craving Chick-fil-A and then experience the depressing drive by their darkened store windows because you forgot it was Sunday? Problem solved if you’ve got a Chilled Tray stashed in your fridge!CFA Chilled Nugget Tray And what would a good tray of freshly warmed nuggets be without an appropriately awesome dipping sauce to go with it? I don’t know what it is about football and buffalo chicken, but those two things seem to always go together in my mind, so I just had to create a sauce that would go with the theme of my meal. 

[yumprint-recipe id=’3′]Doesn’t that look delicious? My crew gave it a big thumbs up! I’ll be pairing it with chicken and veggies on the big day, but I could also see this working well with chips or pretzels! The sky’s the limit for this dipping sauce!Easy appetizer recipes are the name of the game! Make this spicy buffalo dip in time for the big game, and your fans will never go hungry! Quick and easy ingredients and step by step directions make this simple and delicious. #appetizer #dip #biggame #snacking
Who are you going to be cheering for Sunday?

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