Our weekends have been so busy lately now that spring is here! This past weekend was packed full of family, fun, and traveling. We started the weekend early with a celebration of my Father-in-Law’s birthday, including his sister and our family, by eating at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Montgomery (Cuco’s, if you were curious!). We even got to embarrass him a little by having them sing to him!

St. Patrick’s Day is my FIL’s birthday, but this year it was also the date of a baby shower for hubby’s cousin’s wife (still following me?), so we packed the car and drove down to the Mobile area of Alabama to help celebrate the coming of their new baby. While we were there, we ate some great seafood and got to spend time with our extended family (17 of us went out to dinner, so think about that!).

This past weekend, I also tried this out:

And they turned out fabulous!

Sorry, I didn’t include my orange toe nails, but they look killer, I promise. I’m getting a little tired of my gray nails though, so I might paint them orange to match.

I was checking out other blogs, specifically ones about nail lacquers, and I’ve decided I should have bought “Fast Track” and “Electrify” while I was at it. I bet Ulta is sold out now. Oh well.

Fast Track

And that reminds me. This is definitely happening this week too.

Don’t know what this is? Then get off my blog (kidding! but seriously…do you live under a rock?). Hubs and I are going on a real, live, actual date to see this on Friday. I wish I could go to the midnight show, but seeing as how he works, someone has to stay home and watch the kids at night, and he actually read the book and loves it, it would be really unfair of me to go see it without him (I know, I’m such a good wife, right?). Thus, the Friday date.

Anyways, I’m super psyched about seeing this movie! I really want to get a Mockingjay pin before Friday, so anyone have any suggestions on where to get one? It’s kinda late to order from Etsy, so if you know of a store that carries them, let me know.

I’ll leave you with these fun images of my crazy kiddos from the past week or so.

Expecto Patronum!
Time to get a baby gate!
Can we make a run for it?