Happy 60th Birthday Curtis!

My family and I spent last weekend in Mexico Beach, Florida celebrating my father-in-law’s birthday. I was pretty miserable the whole weekend (yay strep!), but I think everyone else had a great time. I feel like the great oxymoron of life is being sick whilst on vacation. It blows. Anyways, I tried to have a good time, so I hope my illness wasn’t too off-putting for everyone.

Curtis loves old westerns, so what better party to have than a western one! We thought about doing the cliched “Old Man” party, but I think this idea turned out much better, don’t you?

My father-in-law was somewhat surprised (I think) that we were able to somewhat surprise him! He knew some of us were involved in the party, but not everyone!

We ate some grub, blew out some candles, had cupcakes, and watched Curtis open his presents.

Of course, my kiddos couldn’t just sit there and not help him, so they thought they’d speed up the process themselves (they were doing him a favor, of course).

Other than me not feeling well personally, I think the weekend was a huge success. I’m so glad to be a part of such a loving family who really tries to make birthdays special. Happy Birthday, Curtis! Here’s to the next 60 (ok, maybe not that┬ámany….maybe 40?)! Love you!