Household Happenings

This month has been quite a busy one for us. After our fun little vacay at the beginning of August, we got a vomit/poop bug that lasted a few days (ugh), and when we finally got over that, Neil decided he needed to have surgery the following week (I kid, I kid…it really was necessary, and this month was really the best time to do it). Thankfully, everything went well (huge thanks to everyone who has been praying for us!) and since I have a little time to myself today, I thought I’d actually sit down and write y’all a little something.

Anyone watch the MTV Video Music Awards last night (aka the VMA’s)? I kinda forgot they were on until I checked my twitter/facebook feed and it was all “OMG *NSYNC!” and I was like, “Dang, I missed it!” even though I knew I could go straight to YouTube and catch right back up (thank you, people of the internet). If you missed it live like I did, check it out here.

I guess I ought to be grateful I didn’t watch the whole show. Apparently Miley Cyrus was completely ridiculous and offensive (is that really new? I thought that was her thing now…) in an attempt to completely smash anything that might have been left of her “squeaky clean Disney image.” So sad that she feels the need to act that way because there are definitely better ways to go about proving that you’re a “grown-up.” Honestly, I stopped watching MTV on the regular when TRL with Carson Daly no longer had me rushing home from school to see the Top 5 videos of the week (good grief, typing that sentence makes me feel old). I will say, I thoroughly enjoyed Justin Timberlake’s performance, even if the “reunion” with *NSYNC only lasted a little over 1 minute. I love JT’s music and his performances never to disappoint.

Did you watch the MTV Video Music Awards last night? Did you let your inner 13 year old out when *NSYNC appeared on stage? Or were you too busy washing your eyes out after Miley Cyrus’ performance? Anyone else ready for an *NSYNC reunion tour? I mean if New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys can do it…

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