Intentional Parenting

What does it mean to be an intentional parent? Being intentional with your kids can look different to each family, but I hope you’ll take away a little something from what it means to me.Sarah and her girlsMy girls and I are spending our last year at home together. This last year before they head off to school is going to be bittersweet for me. Some days are tough. We spend a lot of time together, and, as women tend to do, we grate on each other’s last nerve (yes, even as my “little women” it happens). Some days I look upon their impending trip to kindergarten as a relief. Finally. Someone else can deal with them for a few hours each day.

But then, there are other days. Other days when I look at them and have to hold back the tears. What are the tears for? I’m certainly not sad that they are growing up and going off to start their education. The tears are for many different things I guess, but I know it’s mostly because I’m coming to terms with this sweet part of our life together that is ending.Best FriendsYou see, as a mom of multiples, I face a unique situation. When my kids start school next year, they will both be gone. There is no “younger sibling” at home for me to entertain after they’re gone for the day (Please do not tell me I need to have another baby; I know my limits, thank you very much). It’s going to be very quiet during the day.

I say all this in hopes that someone else out there who may be experiencing the mixed feelings I am knows that they are not alone. I spent some time in prayer and discussion with a great group of women from my church this week, and they really lifted my “mommy” spirit. I highly encourage you moms out there to get involved with a mom group you know and trust. It is so helpful in this season of my life to know I have women I can count on to commiserate and celebrate with me through the ups and downs.National Donut DayI know I will continue to have these mixed feelings for the rest of this year. But I also know what word I want to use for this precious little time I have left: intentional. I am going to make each moment count. Will I fail miserably sometimes? Oh yes. I am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. But boy am I going to be intentional with my efforts. I want my girls to know how much I love them, and how much they are valued, and I know that starts with how I parent them.

Do you have any parenting goals this year? I’d love to hear about them! Share your goals with me in the comments, and let’s keep each other encouraged!

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  1. My kids are now in 1st and 2nd grade and I am even more focused on being intentional now that we have less time together. Your kids will not remember the moments you fail and will never forget the time you spend with them!

  2. I am at the other end of the spectrum and have been doing this for years. My children are 15 and 12 and I can see the end when they will no longer be in our home every day. We call our times together adventures. Everything is an adventure whether it is going out to dinner or for a walk on the beach. I hope these adventures are the memories my kids look back upon with a smile just as I am sure your girls and you will when they are older.

  3. As someone who is at the other end of this journey and who will have an empty nest when John heads to college in three years, I applaud your thoughts. I will be doing the same to make the most of every moment with him. Your girls are precious! I enjoyed spending time with them yesterday!

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