Itty Bitty Magic City

_MG_3752Last Saturday, McWane Science Center opened a brand new, state-of-the-art center for kids on the second floor of their already amazing science center. Focusing on infants through kindergarten-aged children, this pint-sized exhibit is sure to bring a smile to any kid’s (and parent’s) face. _MG_3751 Caroline’s favorite part of the exhibit was a tie between the garage and the firehouse. _MG_3755



_MG_3754 Mackenzie loved the “pet vet” and the barnyard areas._MG_3766

_MG_3767Both girls loved the awesome new water tables and the climbing spaces above the exhibit.IMG_4111

_MG_3776There is even an area dedicated to children 2 and under that features soft play areas and spaces for parents to sit. _MG_3775I’m really excited about the new programming they are going to have in this new area too. Each month will have a new theme, and each week there will be a focus on a different topic in line with the month’s theme. This month is “National Pet Month” (there’s always a month for something isn’t there?), and this week Itty Bitty Magic City focused on fish as pets. The girls heard from one of the McWane Center aquarists, listened to a story about a pet fish, and colored their own picture of a fish. IMG_4118I’m most excited about this space because their “Just Mice Size” area had been needing a major update for a while now, and Itty Bitty Magic City seems to be the perfect solution. As of right now, it’s been very well monitored to keep the appropriate age groups in (or out as the case may be) the right areas. I encourage my fellow Birminghamians and other visitors alike to please, please, PLEASE do everything you can to keep this space awesome. Just Mice Size was overrun with older children who should not have been in there, and many of the spaces inside were broken or damaged. Let’s not let this new space become as “trashed” as that old space was.

FYI, “Just Mice Size” will only be open until December, per a McWane Center employee, and then they will be removing it to make a different space down there. I think that is a great idea. Maybe they will put in more things for the older kids to take part in to encourage them not to wander into the younger children area.

Have you visited the new Itty Bitty Magic City yet? It’s definitely worth your time (and a membership) if you haven’t!