Our First Disney Cruise

Neil and I love to cruise. Cruising is one of our preferred vacations, and I have been on several cruises with various cruise lines throughout my life, but never a Disney cruise. “They’re so expensive!” people said. “How could you go on a Disney cruise without kids?” people said. “How could you possible enjoy a cruise vacation with kids?” people asked. I am happy to report that, not only did we go on a Disney cruise on a budget, we went with both of our kids AND we all loved it. All of us. In fact, poor, sweet Caroline cried the morning we had to disembark. “WHY DO WE HAVE TO GO? WHHHYYY?” It was so cute and sad all at the same time, hearing that pitiful, tired cry.

What to Expect on a Disney Cruise

Waiting at the Cruise Terminal

One of the biggest reasons we loved our Disney Cruise Line vacation was that we felt a lot less stressed during it. A typical Disney vacation can be a whirlwind of activity, but not so on their cruise ships. If you’ve ever cruised before, you understand what I’m saying. If you haven’t cruised before, I’ll put it this way: there is zero pressure on a cruise to “get your money’s worth.” ZERO. We participated in the things we wanted to participate in, and passed on the things that weren’t  for us. It was oddly refreshing to not have a day fully planned out (my type-A personality felt very confused yet satisfied at our lack of “pace” during the cruise).

What is Included

Meeting Donald on the Magic

Another aspect of our cruise that amazed us was our ability to stay on budget. Walt Disney World is fantastic. I love it. Neil loves it. The kids love it. But they are in the business of making money. You exit through the gift shop on every. single. attraction. On a Disney cruise, the entire ship is an attraction, and guess what? You’ve already paid for it. The only thing you haven’t paid for are souvenirs, gratuity (unless you pre-paid), and specialty drinks. We budgeted some extra expenses because of the nature of the trip, but when we got the final bill we were pleasantly surprised at how well we did with not overspending (our Walt Disney World budget is another story entirely, but maybe that post will come later). There are plenty of ways to add extras to your trip, but we felt it to be completely unnecessary. 

Dining Experiences

All Hands on Deck
Outstanding Service on the Magic

By the way, have I mentioned the free room service yet? Because it’s free. And it’s amazing. And you must, MUST take advantage of it at least once on your trip (do be kind and tip the Cast Member who brings your room service, though). Get the All Hands on Deck. You won’t be disappointed.Another reason why we loved our Disney cruise was the service. That’s what Disney is known for. I loved rotating dining locations every night to experience all our ship had to offer, but I think it was made all the more awesome by our fantastic servers. Guiseppe and Supatcha (aka Miss Spicy….I promise she asked us to call her that) were outstanding and made my girls feel so special every time we interacted with them. We still talk about them, in fact. That’s how you know what it’s been a good vacation. 

Ready to Book Yours?

I plan on writing several more posts about our first Disney cruise, but I want to hear from my readers too! What else do you want to know about a Disney Cruise Line vacation? Have you been on one and have any tips to share? I’m all about sharing the wealth of knowledge so families can feel prepared and not overwhelmed when it comes to Disney vacations! Leave me a comment here or on Facebook or Twitter, and I’ll make sure your questions get answered!

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  1. I’m so glad you loved your Disney cruise as much as we did. Seriously, best way to vacation ever! And btw, your girls are just so beautiful! Maybe one day we can do a M&M cruise, and all 3 of our families cruise together!

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