Photo Friday: It Snowed!

I’m pretty sure most of you who read my blog live in the south. Just in case you don’t, I’ll be happy to fill you in on a little secret: when it snows down here, it is a BIG deal, y’all. Like, really big. It’s a lot of fun to experience something like snow in the south (unless, of course, you’re on the road because people will invariably freak out, just like they do when it rains, and cause major delays and traffic jams). It was even more fun experiencing it with my kiddos.

Unfortunately, the snow decided to really amp up after the girls went down for nap. They ended up missing all the good stuff after all. ::whomp:: ::whomp:: Oh well! Thanks to being a resident of the ever changing north central AL, I’m sure some more crazy weather will head our way again. Did it snow in your neck of the woods yesterday?

Hope you have a great weekend! Hubs and I are off to celebrate our anniversary in Nashville! Yee-haw!

One Comment on “Photo Friday: It Snowed!”

  1. It snowed in Prattville! Not very much, though. And Natalie was at Mom’s Day Out – probably napping at the time – so she missed it. Mostly it was just a yucky morning here. 🙂

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