Quick Update

So I know I was supposed to have a fancy schmancy new blog by now, but we hit a little speed bump along the way. Hubby wasn’t feeling well when we started this process last week, and it only got worse as the weekend wore on. After a few visits to the doctor, he was told to stay home from work until his fever went away. This ended up lasting about 5 days and he just now went back to work. So, obviously, no hubby=no bloggy. Please be patient with me as we work to get it just right
In the meantime, do you know what month it is? If you guessed August, you win! But more importantly, do you know what next month is? SEPTEMBER! Which means a few things in my world: A. It’s the hubby’s birthday (and mom’s…Hi Mom!) B. Football season is starting and C. SEPTEMBER ISSUES! Yes, my friends, fashion’s biggest, brightest and best will be showcasing themselves for you next month in just about every publication imaginable. From Harper’s Bazzar to Vogue to InStyle (my personal fave) to Marie Claire, everyone and their mother will be sure to pack this issue full of goodies to help jumpstart your fall wardrobe. 
I really want to devote an entire post to my personal faves for fall, but I also want my fabulous blog design to go with it, so while I cook up some fabulousness in the form of a post, and hubby continues to work on the design, take a look at what’s inspiring me for fall. What makes YOU excited about fall?
Color Blocking
Gucci Spring 2011
 Knee-Length Skirts
Burberry Pre-Fall 2011
Head-to-toe Plaid (although, I’m not sure about the head-to-toe part)
Thakoon Fall-Winter 2011

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  1. I <3 jewel tones and color blocking!! Jewel tones because they're just gorgeous. And color blocking because I am NOT a clothes horse or fashionista!! It's just easier for me to buy pieces in solid colors and mix and match my wardrobe (such as it is).

    PS- I'm totally referencing you in a post today…

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