Real Talk with Real Twin Moms: May Q&A

It’s time for another round of “Real Talk with Real Twin Moms!” This has been such a fun monthly series to be part of. I’ve had to do a lot of reflecting on my motherhood journey, and I’ve really appreciated getting to know my fellow twin moms who’ve been participating in this series. We’ve covered a variety of topics, so don’t forget to go back to previous posts and check out what we’ve said!Raising twins isn't always a walk in the park! Find out more in our monthly series, Real Talk with Real Twin Moms


On the 15th of every month, the Real Talk with Real Twin Moms Series brings you real answers to the questions most moms of twins have. Everything from finding out you are having twins, to delivering twins, the struggles and rewards, and even marriage after twins. We’re getting REAL about what raising twins is like, and hope it helps you through this adventure! Last month’s question was “How was your delivery with twins?” and this month we are following that up with “What was the first year with twins like?” Learn a bit about this month’s moms and their answer to the question at!

What is the first year with twins like? Find out the answers from real moms just like you. Candid, honest answers give you insight into the first year of life as a parent of twins.

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