Reinventing Yourself in the Middle of the Year

Hi everyone. My name is Sarah. I’ve been writing in this space since April of 2011.Sarah in front of the Epcot Bubblegum WallI used to be ashamed to admit that. If you dig waaaayyy back deep (please don’t) into my archives, you’ll see the very first iteration of this blog. I wrote a lot about my girls (look, they rolled over today, yay!), and I tried to copy popular styles of posts from other I saw who were successful. It was tiring. To those who blog full time with newborns in your home, I salute you.

Reinventing Yourself in the Middle of the Year

When people ask me, “When did you start blogging?” I usually only admit to “taking it seriously” 3 years ago. 

3 years ago I discovered I could make some extra cash for our bills through blogging. That was exhilirating. I could pay for our summer pool membership. I could buy some new clothes. I could pay for spring soccer! The idea of money made me feel empowered.Somewhere along the way, I lost myself. I started attending conferences, learning the confusing ever-changing world of what to do and what not to do in terms of SEO and social media. Did I mention I had no idea what SEO was until 2 years ago? I just wrote what I wanted, yo.

Time to get back to that.

A Fresh Outlook

I can’t unlearn the things I’ve learned. I know too much now to go back to the way I was before. Nor do I want to, really. I was such a poser. Doing crafts and forcing recipes on myself in the name of making money. Going viral. Gaining followers.

Last week, I spend 8 days with my family. 5 of those days were at Walt Disney World. 3 of those days were on a Disney Cruise Line vacation. I was there attending Disney’s Social Media Moms Celebration which celebrates people like me who blog and create in the space we have online.Family photo in front of the Disney Castle

My head was spinning when I got home.

What should I write about first? What’s going to stand out from the crowd? What can I do first that will bring me the most traffic? Stop. Just stop it.

I can’t even believe I typed that sentence. Utterly ridiculous.

Listen, there are amazing women out there who hustle hard and support their entire family doing what I’m doing. I thought I wanted that.Mom and Mackenzie in front of the Purple Wall at Disney WorldI discovered last week that I do not. My husband has an amazing job. It pays well and makes him happy.

I have an amazing job. I get to hang out at home, write on this blog, write on other websites, or go hang out at my girls’ school when they need me. I can also sit on my couch and read a book. Or watch Netflix. Or go outside and turn the world off for a bit.

Staying True to Myself

The truth is, I’m fine with my life the way it is. Would I love to go viral and get a million pageviews? Sure. Who wouldn’t? Can you imagine the kind of ad revenue that would bring in?

Getting to that level takes hard work. I’m already in a committed relationship with myself. My family. My friends. I don’t really have room to have that kind of relationship with my blog.Sarah and Caroline with Chewbacca at Disney Social Media Moms CelebrationI posted a similar “micro blog” on Instagram, about this very thing, but I wanted to flesh it out a little more here.

I hope you will continue to support me as a switch gears here. I used to be afraid of posting “too much Disney” here, but, honestly? That’s one of the things I love the most. Also, fashion. I stopped posting outfits because I was terrified of judgement. I don’t have anyone to take my photos during the day, and I can’t buy a new outfit every week. Who cares? Please let me know if you don’t like what I’m wearing. We can have a great discussion in the comments and hey, it will get me pageviews! Ha!Meeting Donald Duck on the Disney Dream

I never picked a word for 2018, but I think I have one now. Me. 2018 is the year of me. Not the year of you or her or him. Me. 

Time to get to work.

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  1. You go girl! There is nothing like Disney Social Media Moms to bring you back into focus. You do YOU. The rest will happen on its own time.

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