Star Wars Inspired Makeup Look

It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally here.Star Wars PosterI know many of you went to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens last night, but Neil and I decided to wait until today to see it. Why? Well, it’s a long story, but basically we are hoping to get a lighter crowd on a Friday morning than at the 7pm/12am premiere the night before. We’ll report back with our findings.Star Wars Inspired Makeup LookIf you haven’t seen it by now, be sure to check out Covergirl’s line of Star Wars cosmetics. Their ideas for how to use those products are what inspired me to create this look. Covergirl-Star-Wars-Resistance-Pilot

I won’t be sharing how to copy their looks exactly because, let’s face it, can you really wear copious amounts of eyeliner up to your eyebrow for an everyday look? No, not really. But that is the point of fashion that I think a lot of people miss. You use their ideas to inspire your own. For this look, we’re focusing on the eyes, so I’m concentrating on the products you’ll need for your eyes.Supplies Needed for Star Wars Makeup LookYou need:

1. Gel/Cream eyeliner

2. Mascara

3. Eyeshadow base

4. Multi-color eyeshadow in the theme of your choice

5. A good set of eyeshadow/eyeliner brushesGel EyelinerThe purpose of the eyeshadow base is to help your shadow’s longevity. No sense in working hard on your look only to have it “slide” off by the end of the day. The purpose of the gel/cream eyeliner is similar, but I also love how much more pigment you get from a gel/cream as opposed to a pencil. And, no, it’s not difficult at all to apply a gel/cream eyeliner. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Keep q-tips, cotton balls, and tissues on hand for any missteps.Real Life Translation of Covergirl Star Wars LookI’m quite happy with the way this look turned out, and I hope to try more “inspired” looks in the future. If you have any particular requests for looks or other tutorials, be sure to comment below or tweet me your ideas with the hashtag #SarahsStarWarsLook!Star Wars Inspired Makeup Look May the force be with you, always!