Sweet Summertime

Last weekend, our family, along with my parents, spent 4 great days in Mexico Beach, Florida. Mexico Beach is a great little getaway town because there are no malls, no high rise condos, and no restaurant chains. I know you’re probably thinking, Sarah?? In a place with no mall or chain restaurants? And to that I say yes. When you want to get away from it all sometimes, it is perfectly ok to go without those things (doesn’t mean I don’t love shopping any less, y’all).

We ate some fantastic seafood, went to the 17th Annual Port St. Joe Scallop Festival, and just chilled.

The Thursday night before we left, we celebrated my Dad’s birthday with some cards and cupcakes. Have I told you how much I love cupcakes? Cause I do. They’re second only to cookie cake in my opinion.

I can’t believe summer is “almost” over. It cracks me up when people say that because here in Alabama “summer,” with it’s sweltering humidity and high temperatures, will not be over until almost Halloween. I guess it’s wistful thinking to want cooler temperatures as soon as football starts showing back up on our TVs. I, for one, am squeezing every last ounce out of this summer that I can.