Totally Random Thursday

Waaaazzzzuuuppp lovely peopleeeeeee????!!!!!!!

Ok sorry. I’m not in a good mood today and I’m trying to hype myself up and make it better.

Yesterday I got a filling. It’s only my 2nd one in my 25 years of existence, so you think I’d be proud or something. But no. I hate fillings. More specifically, I hate what happens after you get a filling. My face was numb for 2 hours. From my chin to my right ear. For TWO. HOURS. In fact, my right eye wouldn’t blink because that stuff was so awesome at numbing me.

Is it really safe to be driving after you’ve had half of your face numbed? I mean, I know my skills necessary for driving were mostly all unaffected, but still. My right eye not blinking? Yeah. That was weird. I digress.

I hate not being in control of my body. I think that’s what bothers me the most about being numb yesterday. Chewing things at dinner was especially fun. I feel better today, but my jaw is so sore that chewing is still not fun (yay for my diet, I guess?). Whatever. I know I’m just being a baby, but fillings really are the worst.

Also, you would think they would have developed silencers for those drill bits by now. I think that’s what amps up my anxiety level more than anything. That high pitched squealing noise emitted by the tools they use makes me want to rip my ears off run in the other direction. I’m pretty sure the only thing I hate more than that noise is getting poked with a needle.

Have a happy (and random) Thursday!