Travel Confidently with TravelPass

Do you have plans to travel with your family this year? Obviously we are the get up and go types, and, while we’ve mostly traveled domestically, it is always important to us to be able to connect with our friends and loved ones at home while we are away. If you’ll be traveling internationally this year, you’re probably wondering how to connect back home without facing a ton of international charges upon your return.Verizon TravelPassJust over 6 months ago, Verizon Wireless created TravelPass, a fantastic new program now available in more than 100 countries, that allows you use your existing voice and data plan outside of the U.S. for as little as $2 per day, per line* to talk, text, surf the web and more. 

“When traveling abroad, Americans are all about staying connected to those back home, looking up directions and posting photos onto social media through the use of mobile data,” said Rob Miller, vice president of consumer pricing for Verizon.  “TravelPass has been in the marketplace for less than six months and already we have seen a sharp spike in usage, as it allows people to use their device outside of the U.S. as they would back home.” TravelPass_InfographicTo take advantage of TravelPass, visit and select “manage international services” or use the MyVerizon app on your phone to activate TravelPass before embarking on a trip. Once at your destination, you’ll receive a text message welcoming you to the country and reminding you of the service and the daily fee: $2 per 24 hours in Mexico and Canada or $10 per 24 hours in 100+ other countries.

Those prices seem pretty reasonable to me! I remember buying a calling card back in 2008 (remember those?) to call home from Ireland when I visited with the Auburn University Marching Band. No way was I allowed to use my cell phone at all while traveling internationally! It’s interesting how things have changed so much in just 8 short years.

I cannot wait to try this service out on our next international adventure. Had I known it was available when we cruised back in February, I might have been able to convince Neil to get it just for 24 hours (Photos posted straight from Castaway Cay? Yes please!)!

The daily fee is only charged on the days you use TravelPass in one of the countries where it’s available. TravelPass activates when you make or receive a call, connect to a data service or send a text. Another daily session will begin once you make or receive a call, send a text or use data after the 24-hour period expires. You can keep TravelPass on your account at no charge.

If your family’s travel plans include leaving the U.S., I would highly recommend adding this service to your existing plan. Where are you headed this summer?

Thanks to Verizon Wireless for providing this information.

*Taxes and fees apply; qualifying MORE Everything or Verizon plan and compatible 4G world phone required.