Warby Parker Home Try-On Program

Boy am I ever glad it’s Friday. It’s been one of those weeks around here. So rest assured this post will be short, sweet, and to the point.

As promised earlier in the week, I’m talking with you today about just one of the many awesome benefits to choosing Warby Parker to make your glasses. They have a great little thing called their “Home Try-on Program,” which makes it super simple and easy to order just the right glasses for you, even if you don’t ever get to visit their store (they do have a flagship store in NYC, but that’s a little far for us southerners to travel just for some specs, so the online part of their business will have to do).

To take advantage of this program, hop online (computer, phone, tablet, wherever!), browse through their hundreds of options, select your top 5, and order away! You do have to give them a credit card number (they have to protect their merchandise after all), but you won’t be charged for anything as long as you return the frames within 5 days of recieving them.

Warby Parker encourages you to post a photo (or two or three) of yourself in the frames you like and reach out to everyone for help (they will comment too! someone from their team is always commenting and interacting with customers on social media…take advantage of their expertise!) so you can narrow down your choices.

Once you’ve made a decision, pack up all the frames, leave the packing slip inside, put the pre-addressed sticker over top of your old one on the same box, and drop of with your local USPS. Ta da! Easier than you thought, eh?

I love all of these frames I tried on from their Spring 2014 Collection. Who knew I would actually look good in bright blue frames?

Top (R to L): Walker in Canton Blue, Reilly in Whiskey Tortoise, Finch in Grenadine

Bottom (R to L): Burke in Sugar Maple, Seymour in Sage

Also, see what I mean about the big sunglasses? Dang if I don’t look awesome in those. Maybe they’ll let me keep them next time (hint hint guys!)? A girl can dream, I guess. Have you taken advantage of Warby Parker’s Home Try-On Program yet? I’d love to see what you picked! Have a great weekend!

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