Where to Stay in Orlando, Florida

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As a traveling family that often takes multi-generational trips, we are always looking for the best places to stay that will work for everyone in our traveling party. Will we have enough room? What are the amenities like? Can we change our minds or book an extra room if more people decide to join us? These are just a few of the questions my husband and I often have at the forefront of our minds, and I find that it’s so helpful to have great resources to turn to for the answers. It is especially important to use the resources we have on hand when traveling to Orlando because there are so many options! Vacatia is a great resource for Orlando vacation rentals, and here are just a few reasons why I think you need to give their services a try. Where to Stay in Orlando Florida

Where to Stay in Orlando, Florida

In case you haven’t heard, Vacatia is an amazing company that offers over 500 resort residences in several key vacation destinations, including Orlando, that will fit any traveling party size and budget. Their employees even say they would recommend these resorts to their own family members, so you know they’ve chosen the best properties. If that isn’t enough to convince you to give Vacatia a try, here are 6 more reasons to check it out for your family’s next Orlando vacation.

Fantastic Amenities

Vacation residences in Orlando Florida

Playground? Check. More than 1 pool? Check. Golf, tennis, or jogging trails? Check. These things aren’t always necessary when booking your stay somewhere, but you’ve gotta admit they are nice perks, right? My family is always looking for two things when we book a rental property: is there a pool and/or do they have a playground? 9 times out of 10 if the property does not have at least one of those items, we pass on it. We also have to think about the other members of our traveling party. Does anyone want to go golfing one day? What about on-site dining options? All of these are great things to consider when looking for a play to stay in Orlando. Vacatia properties offer several of these great amenities, often all of them on the same property!

Room to Breathe

Often times, hotel spaces are so basic they offer little to no room for enjoying one another’s company. When we travel with extended family, we really want a shared space we can all occupy from time to time. With Vacatia, you’ll not only have personal space in the form of 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom residences, you’ll also have common areas like a shared family room and kitchen. These are must haves for us when we are traveling together with family.

A Full Kitchen and Laundry

Orlando Eye in Orlando Florida

Most of the time, I hate cooking on vacation. I am on vacation, and being on vacation means all typical mom duties, like laundry and cooking, are on vacation too. However, when we’re with other family members, it does help our budget to a least have 1 or 2 meals in the residence. Having access to a full kitchen is wonderful because it doesn’t limit us to microwave meals or pre-made meals every day. I appreciate having a large refrigerator on hand to store snacks and drinks because, let’s be real, do those mini-fridges ever get cold enough? Nothing is worse than opening the mini and pulling out a sorta, kinda may-have-been-cold-in-a-past-life beverage or snack. I’m shuddering just thinking about it. Another bonus when you have small children? A full size laundry in your living space. Accidents happen and favorite shirts sometimes have to be worn again, and it’s nice to be able to take care of those things in house instead of paying for another service or heading downstairs to the hotel laundry facility.

Online Floor Plans

Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to book a place and all they have online are fancy pictures? I’m so glad you love your pillows and artwork, but show me the room! With Vacatia, you can browse their residences and floor plans online. This perk will allow you to visualize the space and determine whether your party needs a 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom property.

Convenient Locations

Disney Springs Orlando Florida

Visiting Walt Disney World while you’re in Orlando? What about Universal? Do you have concerns that staying “off-property” while vacationing will affect your experience? Most of my family’s concerns center around the drive time to and from the theme parks, but I am happy to report that there are many options for Vacatia residences in Orlando with nearby proximity to the theme parks. When staying at a residence, you’ll have all the conveniences of home and yet you will still be within reasonable driving distance to the reason for your visit! 

Vacatia “Like Family” Free Membership 

Nothing is more exciting to me than awesome freebies, and a membership in Vacatia’s “Like Family” program is definitely awesome. No hidden fees or strings attached, joining their “Like Family” program is easy and fun, and it will give you access to:

  • Holding a reservation for free for 48 hours (this is HUGE for our indecisive family!)
  • Vacation payments over time, interest-free
  • Large group and extended stay discounts
  • Exclusive members-only offers
  • Complimentary travel insurance: Book your rental by October 31, 2016 (for travel anytime!) and receive a refund when you or your travel companions can’t travel because of a covered accident or illness

Orlando, Florida has so many options when it come to hotels and rental properties. Read on to find out what things you should consider before booking your next stay in Orlando.

With so many options for your Orlando vacation, make sure you choose a company you can trust. What are your best tips for booking a great location for your family’s next Orlando visit?